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24 Hours NO PHONE Challenge!! *locking our phones away
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Online Shopping HAUL!! *Instagram Stores You NEED to Shop From!
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8 Amazon + TikTok MUST HAVES!! *a collective room decor haul
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What I Would've Worn to Coachella 2020... *INSANE TRY ON HAUL!!
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DIY Challenge: Tie Dye!! *roommate wars
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10 Working From Home / Online School Tips that ACTUALLY Work!
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TikTok Made Me Buy It! *Haul / Testing Viral Products
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25 Ways to Style Sweatpants that are CUTE AF!!
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Exposing My Real Life
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Switching Lives With My Videographer for a Day!!
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What ACTUALLY Helped Me Lose Weight! *no one told me this
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I'm Done Caring About What People Think...
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8 Beauty Tips / Hacks I ACTUALLY Swear By! Alisha Marie
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What I Got For Christmas 2019! Alisha Marie
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Tipping Drive Thru Workers $100 Challenge! *they were so shocked
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Roulette Christmas Shopping Challenge! Alisha Marie
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Vlogmas 2019! Behind the Scenes | Alisha Marie
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Black Friday Haul 2019... *my wallet hates me lol
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What I Spend in a Week! 26 yr old living in LA | Millennial Money
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Real AF Work Week in My Life! *full time youtuber
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Cleaning Out My ENTIRE Makeup Collection.. *i got rid of it all
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Huge Thrift Shopping Haul! *thrifting in tokyo
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Wearing ONLY Men's Clothes for a Week! *DIY Challenge
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How to Look Hot When You Travel *outfit ideas, travel hacks, and tips
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Letting the Person In Front of Me Decide What I Buy Challenge!
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How to Look Good for Back to School! *advice from a college dropout
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Roasting My Own Instagram!! *exposing myself
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Huge Summer Clothing Haul...*i spent too much money again
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How I Finally Lost Weight / My Fitness Journey!
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Pause Challenge! *Roommate Prank Wars*
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Dressing Like Cardi B for a Week Challenge
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My Morning Routine.. *actually tho
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Huge Try-On Bikini Haul..
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on wednesdays we wear pink...
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Switching Siblings w/ Morgan Adams!!
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24 Hour Overnight Bathroom Challenge!!
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How to Glow Up in 24 Hours!! *epic transformation
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How to Be a Youtube Vlogger and Make Millions $$
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How to Look Expensive When You're BROKE AF!!
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What I Got For Christmas 2018!
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Dollar Store DIY Challenge: $1 Christmas Room Decor
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It's Finally Here...
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Black Friday Haul 2018.. *things get crazy
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Switching Houses with LaurDIY!!
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Pretty Basic Girls Take LA! Our New Reality Show!!
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Huge Clothing Haul!! (I spent too much money)
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DIY Halloween Costumes 2018! Roommate Wars!!
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Sister Shops for Me at GUCCI! *it gets awkward*
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The WORST Bumble Date Ever | OMG Awkward!
दृश्य 1साल पहले
If Students Told the Truth...
दृश्य 3साल पहले
I Kissed Another Girl's BOYFRIEND!? | OMG, Awkward!
दृश्य 1साल पहले
The Real Alisha Marie...
दृश्य 1साल पहले
I'm Burnt Out...Dealing with Youtuber Burn Out
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Ugly Location Photoshoot Challenge! Alisha Marie
दृश्य 12 साल पहले
Recreating My OLD Instagram Photos!
दृश्य 22 साल पहले
Struggles of Losing Weight!
दृश्य 22 साल पहले
Rudest Celebrity I've Ever Met!! Q+A!!
दृश्य 12 साल पहले
Funny Pranks for April Fools!! Roommate Wars
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9 Travel Life Hacks + How to Pack for Vacation!!
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Copying Kylie Jenner's Instagram Photos!
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Instagram Life Hacks! How to Get Likes / Followers!
दृश्य 22 साल पहले
I Tried Following a Jeffree Star Makeup Tutorial
दृश्य 12 साल पहले
Transforming My Sister Into Me!!
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Morning Routine Life Hacks for Running Late
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10 Things Everyone Does While Driving!
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Moving Out Expectations vs Reality!
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DIY Life Hacks + Organization for your Room 2018!!
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Weird Food Combinations People LOVE! ft. Joey Graceffa
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Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide!! Alisha Marie
दृश्य 12 साल पहले
8 Christmas Pranks for the Holidays! Roommate Wars!!
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10 Different Types of Parents!! Alisha Marie
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