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Dad Rejects His Stepson, Then Learns A Shocking Truth | Dhar Mann
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Poor Dad Teaches Rich Dad What His Money Can't Buy | Dhar Mann
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Some Thanksgiving Inspiration
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Wife Wants To Go On Date, Husband's Reaction Is So Sad | Dhar Mann
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CEO Cuts Employee Benefits, Wife Teaches Him A Lesson | Dhar Mann
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Bad Mom Scolds Her Child, Good Mom Teaches Her A Lesson | Dhar Mann
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Mean Girl Badmouths Nice Girl Then Lives To Regret Decision | Dhar Mann
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Husband Gives Wife On Birthday The Saddest Gift Ever | Dhar Mann
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Bully Makes Fun Of Nerd, Nerd Teaches Him A Lesson | Dhar Mann
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Rich Dad Teaches Poor Dad Money Can't Buy Happiness | Dhar Mann
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Bully Laughs At Single Mom Then Learns Shocking Truth | Dhar Mann
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Rich Man In His Deathbed Learns Success From A Janitor | Dhar Mann
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Bad Son Yells At His Mom, Good Son Teaches Him A Lesson | Dhar Mann
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Poor Son Teaches Rich Son What His Mom's Money Can't Buy | Dhar Mann
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Man Judges Blind Man, Blind Man Helps Him See | Dhar Mann
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Wife Throws Out Mother-In-Law, The Ending Is Heartbreaking | Dhar Mann
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Dad Kicks Son Out Of House For Wanting To Wear Makeup | Dhar Mann
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Homeless Man Judges Rich Man Then Finds Out A Big Surprise | Dhar Mann
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Bully Makes Fun Of Nerd, Lives To Regret His Decision | Dhar Mann
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Mad Husband Yells At Wife For Not Making Any Money | Dhar Mann
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Bad Dad Hits His Daughter, Good Dad Teaches Him A Lesson | Dhar Mann
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Father and Son Don't Talk Until He's About To Die | Dhar Mann
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Stranger Saves This Boy's Life What He Does Will Shock You | Dhar Mann
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Gentleman Teaches Young Man That Chivalry Isn't Dead | Dhar Mann
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Her Marriage Is Falling Apart, Mom Saves Her Relationship | Dhar Mann
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Life Isn't Always As Good As It Looks On Instagram | Dhar Mann
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Husband Always Neglects His Family, Until He Learns An Important Lesson
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Husband Demands A Divorce, Lives To Regret Every Word | Dhar Mann
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Poor Man Teaches Rich Man That Money Can't Buy Love | Dhar Mann
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Husband Wants A Divorce, Wife Has 2 Conditions | Dhar Mann
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Son Forgets His Promise To Always Take Care Of His Dad | Dhar Mann
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Mother Puts Others Needs First Then Finds Out She Has Cancer | Dhar Mann
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His Wife Is In A Coma, He Sings To Her Everyday | Dhar Mann
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Son Tells Mom He Hates Her, Then Learns An Important Lesson | Dhar Mann
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CEO Talks Down To Janitor, Wife Teaches Him A Lesson | Dhar Mann
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Mother Sacrifices Everything To Give Daughter A Better Life | Dhar Mann
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Struggling Mom Gives Daughter The Only Gift Money Can't Buy | Dhar Mann
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Mom Teaches Daughter Meaning of Hard Work | Dhar Mann
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Sister Gives Her Brother A Gift That Can't Be Bought | Dhar Mann
दृश्य 1.2M11 महीने पहले


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    This is crazy , my girl does the same thing. Watch people on TV-india and every day im trying to give her what's she wants if only she could understand.

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    What we not going to do is make it look like melanated women are ratchet. We are not going to make it seem like a melanated woman put her needs before her child. We are not going to pretend that our women are so shallow they would try to interfere with a daughter and father having a healthy relationship . See i have friends that are single parents and can careless about child support and encourage relationships with their children fathers. Before anyone dream of coming for my neck . I have been married 21 years and have 3 biological children and another child we recently adopted and we love him like we created him. This video was made in bad taste. Don't ever come for my people on a public platform especially if you are from another ethnic group. You failed 👀👀👀🙄🙄🔥🔥🔥

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    I love this video because it teaches you to be kind to everyone even if they're not nice to you and you won't ever feel guilty of treating anyone wrong which makes you feel like a helpful person no matter what anyone's going through because you went out of your way to be as kind as you could to everyone even if they're a stranger and not your friend

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    1:01, this is the part where we realize that Bella always wants to live an expensive lifestyle. If she met John after his business took off, then she would start to be too much interested in money she could spend on some expensive things that are new to shopping companies, and that is enough to bring John’s amount of money down to a normal amount that a normal person could have. So Dhar Mann you are the best and you should keep it up..

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