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    Pramodanand was awesome 😍

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    😁too good

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    Baba Black sheep ka 2nd part chahiye 😃

    ANKIT KADYAN 8 मिनट पहले

    hii everyone...!!!!...I mean captain my personal experience with these kind of dhongi babas is kuch iss prakar...I am from haryana but I live in rajasthan (wah wah )...anyways lets not get kaha the hum....haan...soI am from haryana...and these kind of babas are very popular in haryana actually...we used to have a cow some years back..and due to some medical causes she wasn't getting pregnant....means she went infertile...and there was a lady nearby who claimed that a goddess's aatma or whatever enters her body time to my bholi-bhali mom was very much convinced by her that its some kind of superstitious thing and she' will cure our cow with her so called "super(-flop)powers"...and this thing continued for some days and my mum was very impressed by her ( her acting skills)...that lady used to make some weird noises..sometimes of a newborn if our cow WILL give birth to a calf soon..and is already we called our doctor for a checkup...but doctor refused of any such thing and said that the cow isn't pregnant at all...but since my mom was very much convinced by her lady, my mom even challenged the doctor..and in response the doctor said that if our cow would give birth to a calf then he would quit his profession as a vet...then after a month or two we called another vet for the same and he also refused of our cow being pregnant...then my mom finally accepted that, that lady is just a fraud and does all this nonsense to earn not only men but women are also engaged in this can make another video with ladies version of this video...and yeah if there is anyone who still believes that there exists people with superpower than you are right..there is only one person and that's YOU...believe in yourself...never QUIT positive...and just believe in GOD(that too if you want to) otherwise just eat healthy stay fit and enjoy every single bad days LEARN the learning but don't be stupid...#KripaBarsegi

  • Chetna Joshi
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    Pramodanand dhyan me jaiyee... 😝😝

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    Rose Nanda 19 मिनट पहले

    A closely similar thing happened to me recently. So my father is widower and lives alone. However due to my work, I mostly live away. So I went home recently and was buying something from a nearby shop. So this uncle (shopkeeper who knows about us.. It's a small locality so everyone knows about everyone) asked me where I'm living these days. So I told him. He then started shaming me that "haww,, tum bahar raho aur pita ji yahan akele rah rahe hain, aaj Kal ka baccha parents k baare mein sochta hin nai hai " and I answered that "Haan, bandi job kar rahi hai to shame karo bhar bhar k. Lekin wohi shaadi kar k chali jati tab theek hota. Theek kya, tab to bade khush hote. Sab 4 saal se gana ga rahe ho k shaadi Kab karegi karegi, to tab pita ji akele rahte to theek tha lekin bandi independent hai to sab chadh jao us pe" he then shut up. Like blank look ekdam. But these happens all the time.. Kuch kaam dhandha hai nai logon ko. Bass dusron ko ungli karte raho.

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    Pramodanand ko switch off kr diya 🤣🤣🤣

    SAYLI BHOPSE 21 मिनट पहले

    Ma'am, you can add the song 'Havan karenge Havan karenge' in last dhua part

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    Liked without watching,Nick

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    Pramod Anand was the best part👌👌

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