Mohena Kumari REVEALS Truth Behind Her Being Covid 19 Positive

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  • 1/06/2020 को प्रकाशित
  • Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai actress Mohena Kumari reacted on her covid 19 positive in detail. Watch the video for her interview.
    Reporter: Neha Antani
    Editor: Ajay Yadav
    #MohenaKumari #TellyMasala
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  • ansa saquib
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    She is a princess also .the princess of riva

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    Didi aap bhaut jaldi thik honaoogay

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    Get well soon mohena

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    God bless and your family

  • Abhishek Sharma
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    Mo please you have to be fine for your viewers my little sister is your biggest fan she is cry for you and she pray to god for your health please you have to be fine we all love you so much

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    Pls give a like
    And pray for mo
    Actually now she is better I think😌

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    Mohina aapi ko Corona hua kasa h. .

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    Oh no corona virus

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    Mohina please get well for me and the world 😢😭

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    God is with you don't worry mohena will be fine

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    Get well soon

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    I wish god make you well again you are from rimorav never giveup go mohena

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    Inshallah ap bohot jald theek ho jai gi
    ALLAH ap ko or ap ki family ko salamat rakhey

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    God blessing

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    I saw full video and I full so bad😢😢

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    Good bless you Mohena and your family ☺️

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    Who is here from vamily 😭🥺
    Get well soon MO

  • shivu baby
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    Guys pray for my mom she is covid 19 positive pray for my mom

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    God bless you ❤️

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    Please don’t give any bad comment for my fav mo

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    Feeling very bad for you mo

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    Aap thik Ho ke jaldi se ghare aajao love you ❤️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️

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    Get well soon Mohena didi😊

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    Get Well Soon mohena

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    Get well soon

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    Get well soon 🙏

  • Chaudhry Zafar iqbal
    Chaudhry Zafar iqbal महीने पहले

    . Allah pak Ap ko or Apki family ko is bemari sai nijat day Ameen inshallah 🙏🙏🙏🙏

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    God bless u dear

  • Tulin Aktar Laskar
    Tulin Aktar Laskar महीने पहले

    Asa nahi hosakta😭

    THE KING AYUSH महीने पहले

    What mohena is corona positive

  • Ela Gupta
    Ela Gupta महीने पहले

    Corona patient
    *Worm green tea*
    *Worm mung ki dal Ka Pani*
    *Worm msala chay Ka kada*
    *Worm watar ki bhap len*
    *Worm watar piyen*
    *3 din me corona free hojaoge ghar me hi*

  • Rakesh Chawla
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    I pray to God God mohena didi jaldi se theek ho jaye aaur unki family bi 🙏🙏

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    Stay Safe Mohena and Family. God Bless 😇😇😇

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    I do not believe it

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    Fake news nako bhalo jara

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  • vishu ß
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    Uh are celebrity thats why your test and treatment is going on..... Other wise their are the people who are poor ......they are being died for not able to test and have treatment to get healthy

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    Ae jhooti😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😡😡

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    God bless you kreeti di

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    Ishwer unki atma ko santi de ...

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    please pray for mo if you are from vamily

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    Get well soon Mo and ur family..we all r praying 4 u🙏

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    Get well soon mohena i pray for u

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    1like = to I pray for mohena

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    Get well soon

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    Pta kaise chala fir bina symtems ke

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    God bless you

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    Get well soon... Allah blessed you all. Sad but u will fight and come back like a fighter

  • Nusrath Daniya
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    U r my favorite so pls get well soon dear god bless u ad ur family

  • k t
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    45sec se start

  • Farhana Naza
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    May Allah .....Get well soon 😃

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    Take care mohena.

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    Get well soon and your family

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    Dua aur Meri blessings mohena ke saat hai 💔💔love u mohena

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    Sabhi jutt he Media

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    Rimorav vlogs mein vaapis aa jao thik ho jaoge

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    May God bless you mohina get well soon

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    What app 2020

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    get well soon mohina di

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    Allah is beemari se sb ki hifazat kare

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    Get. Well. Very. Soon. And. Your. Fsmily

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    Get well soon mahina n ur family 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

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    Oh no

  • Ridhima Khichi
    Ridhima Khichi महीने पहले

    I used to hate mohena because she fought with rishidev and just left rimorav but still i pray for her wellbeing♥️💫

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    Jhut he ye


    LOVE YOU 😘 MO💞

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    Mohena my wishes are with u and ur family👍👍💕💗💞I hope u will get well soon💕

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    get well soon i am praying to god

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    Get well soon MO please fingers crossed 🤞

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    It is fake or true

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    Mohena is a strong she will fight against the Corona virus we pray for you 🙏🙏

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    I will pray to God that mohena will be fine fast

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    Get well soon mohena ❤️

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    God Bess you

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    Those who knows her from rimorav leave a like

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      How can I leave a like

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    May god bless her and her family.

  • Asif Khan
    Asif Khan महीने पहले

    So sad,,,Get well soon 😢
    But plzzzz try to telecast the problems which is being faced by the migrant workers .. how they are surviving
    This is the biggest problem of Indian media and news 😡😑
    They don't telecast anything regarding the poor
    When Irrfan Khan and Rishi Kapoor died ..... They had been showing this news for 15 Days
    But a lot of Poors were dying at the same time and no one talked about them 😔

  • kijen wangcha
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    Get well soon

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    Get well soon mo and family
    Vamily waiting for u😢❤

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    Seriously ???

  • Mithun Kumar
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    Bhgwan bchaye sbko, yrr Chinese virus ne jina Haram KR Diya h

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    We all are praying for you mohena di

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    Get well soon mohona💖

  • Bro Sis Corner
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    O my god ! I pray for you all and praying that you will get well soon and we want rimorav back and i know there will be one day when rimorav will be back #prayers#rimorav back

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    We pray for you

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    inke pass bhaut sare servent h still ye lpg show off k liye bhar saman khridne chle jate h or bolte h hme nhi pta hme corona kese huwa

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    Very sad to hear this mohena di
    guys plz pray for mohena di
    hope u recover as soon as possible
    love u mohena di

  • vijay chaurasiya
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    No it's fake news mohina's report is negetive

  • Monika Jindal
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    Mohena dear please get well soon and we love you dear and best hope to you after some day give us a good news that you are well now we love you dear

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    Mohena ap bhout galdi kaha agae gi aur ap ki family

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    She has tested negative as well as her entire family and she is absolutely fine now...

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    Get well sonn

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    Get well soon Mo😱

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    Get well soon mo and your family we all miss you lot your videos may god bless you