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  • Despite of this situation everybody is trying to enjoy at their homes but there are some people who arent able to enjoy because of all the work they have from office, home and college.
    So this video is for them, How to take care of work during Lockdown.
    Make sure you watch the video till the end.😂
    Watch it. Enjoy it. Don't forget to LIKE, SHARE and comment your review.
    Hope you enjoyed this comedy video. Feel free to comment down your reviews. Thank you.
    We, yet again, shot this video at our respective homes or in our building premises. Please stay indoors, koi jarurat nahi hai bahar jaane ki 31st May tak.
    Stay Home. Stay Safe.
    Funcho - funcho

    Shyam Sharma - shyam_sharma

    Dhruv Shah - shahdhruv1994

    Nishit Shah - shahnishit08

    Edited by:
    Prathamesh Vyas - pratham_vyas

    In this video: Shyam Sharma, Dhruv Shah, Nishit Shah, Husain Kanba, Akshay Nair, Shavez, Lekshmi Nair, Mansi Jain, Shyam ke Ghar wale, Dhruv ke ghar wale.
    For business inquires, mail us at: funcho@nofiltr.social

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