My Friends and I Crashed the Santa Monica Pier with Jordan Matter | Charli D’Amelio

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  • 13/02/2020 को प्रकाशित
  • Famous dance photographer Jordan Matter and my friends Addison Easterling, Ondreaz Lopez, Tony Lopez, Michael Le and Tayler Holder had a blast on the Santa Monica Pier. We danced, ‘Renegaded’ and took so many amazing pictures and I can’t wait to show you how they turned out!
    DID YOU KNOW: Jalaiah Harmon was the original choreographer of the Renegade dance!
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    They are soo full of them self like bitch you didn't to the renegade your soo money hungry hope you see reality owe the girl who made the dance credit cuz you step over people just so you can shine.

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