Raja Kumari - Bindis and Bangles (Official Music Video)

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  • GRAMMY® Award-nominated Indian-American rapper, singer and songwriter Raja Kumari release her first single of the year 2020 BINDIS AND BANGLES. A song about being rooted in tradition while looking forward to the future.
    #RajaKumari #BindisAndBangles
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    Video Credits:
    Management: Desiree Saldanha, Tej Brar (Third Culture Entertainment), Cory Anderson
    Artist Stylist: Sallony Mahendru, Lorraine Gonsalves and Yastika Sethi
    Artist Hair & Makeup: Anup Singh
    Production House: The Fictionary Director: Nisrin Aziz
    Producer: Adil Aziz
    Creative Director: Sam Madhu
    BTS Content Team: Lost Films
    Director of Photography: Vishal Vittal
    Line Producer: Sumit Pol
    Production Designer: Preetesh Kushwaha
    Art Director: Nitesh Kushwaha
    Costume Stylist - Feature Cast: Natalia Kumar
    Hair & Makeup Artist - Feature Cast: Aniket Sawant
    Choreographer: Karishma Chavan
    1st Assistant Director: Tushar Kunder
    2nd Assistant Director: Harsh Mahendru
    3rd Assistant Director: Charul Patil
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    Cast: Ishaan Gumber & Elvis Brown
    Junior Artist Casting Director: Amjad Kureshi Future Art
    1st AC: Vikas Hooda
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    Matte Paint: Himanshu Joshi, Mamta Gaikwad, Jigar Parmar
    Admin: Vivek Padewal
    VFX Line Producer: Vinayak Patole
    Audio Credits:
    Performed by Raja Kumari
    Composed by Zero
    Lyrics by Raja Kumari, Vivian Fernandes

    CHORUS 1
    We rockin’ bindis and them bangles
    We light it up like a candle
    Don’t ask Kumari where your man-go
    We don’t need no guns
    Where my sandals

    We rockin’ bindis and them bangles
    We light it up like a candle
    Don’t ask Kumari where your man-go
    We don’t need no guns
    Wear my sandals
    VERSE 1
    24K I’m on that real real
    Your 10K shit that’s my meal meal
    I’m really talking rollies, talking about these rotis
    They call me MTV cause I just hustle on them roadies
    Only coconut, we don’t sip on codeine
    Ten thousand years, what the fuck, you show me,
    Cause you don’t really know you came from
    You don’t really know where you came from
    Daughter of the king, you can tell by my actions
    I really make it happen, no acting,
    Fly like Aladdin, genie on my back,
    Got love for the south asians
    Got love for my accent
    Indian gyal, gots love from the streets to the mansions
    CHORUS 2
    We rockin’ bindis and them bangles
    We light it up like a candle
    Don’t ask Kumari where your man-go
    We don’t need no guns
    Where my sandals

    We rockin’ sarees in ferraris,
    Mixing that Shiva with that Marley
    Don’t ask Kumari where your man-go
    We don’t need no guns, guns, guns
    VERSE 2
    Inko chup karana tha,
    unko chup karana tha,
    Zamana jalaya kyu
    In sabko chup karana tha,
    I had to put em’ on mute
    I had to put em’ on roots
    I had to tell em’ the truth
    Son, I’m just payin’ my dues
    Got love from soil,
    Bloodline royal,
    Bloodline is loyal,
    You took it from us
    Still nothing like me
    What you didn’t build,
    You could never destroy
    10000 lines
    Don’t sleep on the giant
    First of our kind
    We drew this for you
    We grew for you
    So stand in the line, stand in the line
    Supernatural flow
    Feelin’ like I’m Kaali
    Mixing Benjamins with them Gandhis
    International Kumari
    Indian Barbie
    But the gang is gulabi
    CHORUS 2
    We rockin’ bindis and them bangles
    We light it up like a candle
    Don’t ask Kumari where your man-go
    We don’t need no guns
    Where my sandals

    We rockin’ sarees in ferraris,
    Mixing that Shiva with that Marley
    Don’t ask Kumari where your man-go
    We don’t need no guns, guns, guns
    Inko chup karana tha,
    unko chup karana tha,
    Zamana jalaya kyu
    In sabko chup karana tha,

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