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    A few years ago, makeup was just a tool to make people look and feel better, but now, it’s a form of art. Not only do people use all sorts of makeup products in their daily life, they also create amazing fun looks to test their skills and express themselves. So, in this video, I show you some brilliant and easy makeup hacks you can try in your routine as well.
    To make your lashes look longer simply coat them with a bit of foundation as a base before applying mascara.
    You can make your own waterproof fixative spray using pure Aloe Vera juice, glycerin and a bit of essential oil.
    To get the most out of your lipstick and avoid bad makeup coverage, simply apply some lip balm on your lips beforehand.
    If you don’t have some face powder to cake your face or set your foundation, you can use baby powder instead.
    You can also use brown mascara to apply fake, natural-looking freckles to your cheeks and nose. Freckles and blushers are the new e-girl makeup looks, that compliment everyone’s makeup.

    0:37 - Amazing makeup hacks
    1:48 - DIY brow gadget
    2:43 - DIY face powder
    3:58 - DIY high-coverage concealer
    4:52 - Awesome hack for your eyeliner
    6:17 - How to make your eyes look bigger

    #beauty #makeup #guru
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  • Melissa Teal
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    And what was with putting black eyeliner on the inner part of her lips then normal lipstick on the rest? So that from a distance it looks like we have a our mouth just slightly open🤔😒
    I mean come on whoever made this video. I can't believe it got ANY likes. Must be some real newbies to give a like to this video, smh...🤦🏻

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    *This Is True Love!!! (look up and ask HIM)*

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    I would not spay myself that many times...

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    Five minute crafts: WE ARE ONE WITH HOT GLUE
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  • Blast Dragon
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    who just likes watching these kind of videos but never does the hacks or is it just me

  • Latte The bruh
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    4:33 The freckles aren't natural if you fake them.😂

  • Samantha Jacobson
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    When your that desperate to have your eye brows done that you burn then shave a fricken banana peels top

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    7:00 *your eyebrows are gonna smell like banana*

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    NaTuRaL fReKlEs

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    How boomers put on make-up:

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