I Bought The World's Largest Firework ($600,000)

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  • 3/07/2020 को प्रकाशित
  • I cant believe i spent this much money on fireworks lol
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  • Krystian Kisiel
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    8:16 we just going to ignore the alien light behind chandler

  • Nino Miranda
    Nino Miranda 26 मिनट पहले

    This is satisfying for me somehow.

  • Sasha Novik
    Sasha Novik 26 मिनट पहले

    where to you get all the money to buy all this stuff!? Geeze you are a millionare OMG

  • Itsyegenious ‘
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    What a beautiful firework!!!!!!

  • Vicente Nunez
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    8:42 The Komodo 3000 is born

  • MaZe_ Plasma
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    Ah, so this is what Disney does?

  • Toca IsCooL
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    this 40.000$ firework is nuke or😐

  • SoaR Lingz
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    When you want to plant the CSGO bomb in real life
    God: Counter Terrorist win

  • Xerxes, Bane of Sparta
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    So thats where all the fireworks i was gonna buy went....

  • Got_nuffin_on_me
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    2:28 I was about to do this stunt myself. Thanks guys. At least now I know what is going to happen to me. 👌

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    I would love to appear in one of your videos . Subscribe :)

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    Aliens spotted with fireworks in area 51

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    We need more 24 hour vids

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    Carl’s suck lol

  • isabelle Shih Tzu
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    i wish tom nook would buy some of these

  • slayer64
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    3:48 that is definately the terraria bomb noise

  • Wyatt D
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  • Andy_BTW
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    8:43 I am mindblown

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    How many likes for a custom built pc from mr.beast

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    Donde esta el komodo 3000?

  • SoaR Lingz
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    9:06 was that an alien in the background??? 👽???

  • Aniq Hakim
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    I thought they’re gonna die. Thank god.

  • Gui Wants Gum
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    I think that last one at the end of the outro was the best :)

  • Jaela Wooden
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    my dog just died in the other room. thats why hes my profile pic 😞😪


  • Larry H
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    Good luck chris I have a baby brother it's really hard to take care

  • Hicstrid Haddock
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    What happened to the Mr beast game? A lot of ppl weren't payed

  • 𝕾𝖍𝖆𝖉𝖔𝖜 𝕲𝖆𝖒𝖊𝖗
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    Wonder what there gonna do in new year's

  • Matt Mauldin
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    when you play fortnite again

  • Mitchell Miller
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    I’m 16

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    MY EYES!!!!!

  • ILLBHonest
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    40K fireworks = My entire college tuition

  • Mitchell Miller
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    I didn’t do nothing for 4 th of July I had to work

  • Ayden Lukose
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    10:08 i though those were gonna explode and i was preparing myself

  • Just another MrBeast fan
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    Chandler and Chris have the luckiest job in the world

  • marques alsopp
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    are u legally deaf yet

  • Zachary Ingham
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    *Merica Intensifies*

    AIDANDOESYT 33 मिनट पहले

    North Korea got nothing on him

  • Blanche Shue
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  • Gengishamada
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    Why didn’t u do it on July 4th then people passing by would watch btw happy 4th of july

  • Ezequiel Arias
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    Should of done it in a neighborhood

  • Peril Panda
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    China would be proud

  • Devil TIMMY
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    Stop yelling

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    I need money

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    *IT'S OVER 9000!*

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    👆everyone read this and do it!!

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    Trust me when I say this...this will cross 100Million views breaking all the records there is in the future

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    Chris is now a chad

  • Dane Newswanger
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    We did fireworks and there was one called a mad bee and it literally came right at me and exploded but luckily did nothing

  • Dougie Fresh
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    Hundreds of drones for the EARTH!!!! Let’s put more Unrecycled drone into the air for views!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kyden Koller-Graves
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    Guys is it just me or did he lose a lot of subs

  • dinnrs
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    who tf got 25 kills

  • Mr. Reveiwer
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    Imagine the noise complaints in the area

  • Glenn Pineda
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    Shell shock

  • Drowsy Idiot
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    over a million likes???!!!!!

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    HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!🇺🇸❤️🤍💙🇺🇸

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    Chandler lost

  • guitarguy035 w
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    I'll take the 40,000 and out it on my first challenger👉🏻👈🏻

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    Next person to sub sub will be richer than bill gates

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    hApPy JuLy

  • Geek Gamer
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    They learned how to truly kill terraria bosses

  • Tamara Silver
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    Put the 40,000 fireworks in the car

  • joker killer
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    Tbh I came here coz I thought u were gonna blown up one massive firework that costs 600,000👀

  • SuperGamer 1234
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    Dude this dumb TV-india morgz is copying your thumb nails saying you copied him but the truth is your vids are older than his so yeah morgz sucks

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    Mrbeast is really, really awesome!!!! Cool!!!

  • RuptureZX
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    Could of donated that money to charity

  • Yeah Angel gameing
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    I have a feeling that I saw those

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    PLEASE do 250,000 shells on camera

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    IT'S OVER 9000 !!!

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    MrBeast the great

  • Stain
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    The $40,000 looked more impresive than the $160,000 one

  • Ryan Jaikissoon
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    Mr beast trying to make a sun lol

  • Rod Can
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    nothing beats komodo 3000

  • Blu_memes
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    8:43 A NUKE, A LITERAL NUKE!!!!!!!!!!

  • 5BGLS GT
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    Him uses 600,00$
    Me I can’t get that in 6 years

  • Darlene Tuballa
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    I wish i can meet you mr beast but im from the philiphines

  • Julie Krossa
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  • mingdi zheng
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    I think I saw black legs in the background maybe siren head?

  • JellyBeanGamer
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    Imagine the $160,000 firework was a dud lol

  • Don Herberts
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    Was one of those a komodo 3000?

  • ANTonio51006
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    8:31 Chandler eats Karl because Jimmy hasn't fed him in a few months

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    that is so coool

  • Milkyway RC
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    “We wanna blow stuff up, so that’s what we’re gonna do” -every American on Independence Day

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    you must be my neighbor

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    Me at home yesterday: oh it's fireworks
    Me the next day: it was mrbeast

  • Finding Souza
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    “Jealousy occurs”.

  • Masked gamer01
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    Everyone a mile away "WE'RE UNDER ATTACK"

  • Taylor the muggle
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    This is the definition of

    We blow stuff up

  • Dougie Fresh
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    We spent 600.000 in fireworks while millions are suffering in the world due to Covid-19.

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    happy 4th july and thank you for the fire work show

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  • Diane Harold
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    Me the whole time: :0
    Also me: saying goodbye bc i thourght they were gonna die

  • Ace Corpuz
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    Jimmy where did you go to da moon