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ABP Majha Live Stream watch online

ABP Majha is an Indian channel dedicated to delivering up-to-the-minute news. Broadcasting round the clock in Marathi, it stands as a reliable source for timely updates.

Initiated on June 22, 2007, by the company Star Majha, ABP Majha (previously known as Anandabazar Patrika News) is now under the esteemed umbrella of the ABP Group. Strategically positioned in Mumbai, this news hub operates at the epicenter of happenings.

Their broadcast lineup majorly includes in-house analytical programs. Objective anchors present the latest occurrences spanning diverse arenas. Categories touch upon India's heartbeat, global events, politics, economics, personal finance, agriculture, spirituality, commerce and industry, education, healthcare, and the vibrant world of film and television.

Steadfast in their commitment to genuine journalism, the team endeavors to paint a detailed daily picture. Viewers are treated to concise news digests, encompassing factual data, firsthand accounts from event participants and witnesses, insights and analyses from invited specialists, comprehensive special reports, and a rich array of photographs and video footage.

It's noteworthy that the editorial stance isn't solely fixated on grim updates; they prioritize shedding light on positive developments, too. Select thematic events even get the privilege of live broadcast. The project's sustenance and growth are fueled by commercial advertisements.

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