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Africanews Live Stream watch online

Africanews stands as a leading pan-African news channel, dedicated to serving adult audiences with round-the-clock coverage in both English and French languages.

Initiated on April 20, 2016, Africanews is a brainchild of Euronews, with its operational base nestled in Pointe-Noire, The Republic of the Congo. The channel's mission is to champion the "Africa Rising" narrative, delivering unbiased news, free from governmental or religious influence. Its programming encompasses a variety of in-house produced analytical, journalistic, and educational content, supported by advertising partners to ensure continued growth and stability.

Africanews TV Guide

Some of the most acclaimed programs on Africanews include:

  • "The Morning Call": A current affairs talk show featuring expert guests.
  • "The Star Ingredient": Culinary masters unveil their cherished recipes for a range of meals and occasions.
  • "Football Planet": Covering match results, key highlights, and engaging discussions with football personalities.
  • "Inspire Africa": A compilation of uplifting and motivational stories showcasing the human spirit.
  • "International Edition": Delving into global headlines across politics, economy, society, and sports.
  • "This Is Culture": A dive into the entertainment realm, spotlighting various cultural events.
  • "Focus": Expert analysis and insights on contemporary events.
  • "Futuris": Exploring scientific advancements and technological innovations, with expert forecasts.
  • "Global Conversation": Engaging dialogues with influential figures on pressing global issues.
  • "Interview": In-depth discussions with political and economic leaders on solutions for improvement.

Additionally, programs like Daily News, Prime Edition, and The Nightshift provide comprehensive news coverage, with live updates and contributions from correspondents and experts. Africanews prides itself on its commitment to factual reporting, impartiality, and fostering independent thought among its viewers.

Experience the convenience of streaming Africanews online, anytime and anywhere, on your preferred devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, or computers. Stay connected to the latest happenings without being bound to your television.

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