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Manorama News Live Stream watch online

Manorama News is a premier Indian news and analysis channel targeting an adult demographic. Broadcasting round-the-clock in Malayalam, it stands as a reliable source for timely updates.

Launched on August 17, 2006, by the Malayala Manorama Company Limited, Manorama News has its headquarters nestled in Aroor. Its ethos revolves around representing the voice of the people, ardently supporting those unable to fend for themselves. The editorial team consciously steers clear of sensationalism, grounding their narratives in factual accuracy and facilitating dialogues between the government and the general public.

The channel's programming backbone consists of live news broadcasts, disseminating crucial information regarding regional, national, and global events. Viewers are assured of up-to-date insights, investigative journalism, and in-depth coverage. Its political talk shows regularly feature industry experts, fostering an informed discussion atmosphere.

Rather than focusing solely on disheartening news, the channel sheds light on uplifting events, sports matches, upcoming movie releases, and competitions. Given the enormous appeal of Indian cinema, dedicated sections present the latest trailers, cinematic previews, and exclusive interviews with key figures in the film sector.

Now, you don't need a TV nearby to stay updated. Our platform enables you to tune into live broadcasts using your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop, provided you have a steady internet connection. By diversifying access mediums, Manorama News ensures its content remains accessible, regardless of location or device.

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