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Around 37% people are getting trolled on daily basis which is not only ruining the internet but also increasing the no. of people ...
I NEED TO TALK #2 | Aashqeen
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Follow Me On Instagram @Aashqeen Link : instagram.com/aashqeen/?h... GPay/Paytm No. 9711108303 TV-india ...
I NEED TO TALK | Aashqeen
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This is only for my subscribers who know my 5 years journey and want me to keep posting videos for them :) GPay/Paytm No.
INTEQAM - EX ka TATTOO | Aashqeen
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Bhaiya Ji is back and this time don't miss the ending of the video kyunki ye Inteqam unke Ex or pyaar ki nishani Tattoo ka hai. Also ...
HOW TO BECOME A TIKTOK STAR | Youtube vs Tiktok | Aashqeen
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A must watch video for all the tik tok users, tiktok lovers or even tiktok haters and No it has nothing to do with the war of TV-indiar ...
How Girls Act When Nobody is Watching | Aashqeen
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PARENTS TEACHER MEETING ft. Ashish Chanchlani | Aashqeen
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Imagine what would happen if Ashish Chanclani comes in between of a Jugaadu PTM Scene. Watch the full video if you want to ...
Desi छोरा English मेम | Aashqeen
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The cutest love story you will ever see where a desi ladka of East Delhi meets english mem of South Delhi and how the opposite ...
WEDDING PREPARATIONS (Girls v/s Boys) | Aashqeen
दृश्य 1.2M
Shadi ka season hai or Shadi ki tayari pe video na ho aesa ho sakta hai! Check out this video to know all the SYAPPA that ...
How Girls Act When Nobody is Watching | Aashqeen
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Ever thought what girls do when they are alone? You can't even imagine how crazy can a girl act when she is alone. Watch the ...
WHEN DELHI MEETS KOLKATA | ft. The Bong Guy (Kiran Dutta) | Aashqeen
दृश्य 2.1M10 महीने पहले
What happens when Delhi ka launda Aashqeen meets Bengali Babu Kiran Dutta (The Bong Guy) and when Kiran finds out that ...
THE INTERVIEW : When You Meet Your EX | Part 2 | Aashqeen
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The much awaited sequel of When you meet your Ex is here and this time it is more funny and more crazy. “Teri Keh ke Lunga” is ...
INTEQAM | Chapter 1 - The Perfect Revenge | Aashqeen
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Must Watch this Video and also SHARE with all your Friends. Hit LIKE and Do COMMENT. SUBSCRIBE the Channel for More ...
When Angrezi Babu Meets Desi Mem feat. Sapna Choudhary | Aashqeen
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Desi love stories are always insanely relatable to the hardcore Desi people like us. And now imagine what would happen if our ...
LOVE AAJ KAL | Aashqeen
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Some love stories never die because some lovers never give up on their love! Watch the full video to see this Hindu Muslim love ...
Indians And Momos | Ft. Aashqeen | The Timeliners
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On the scale of Steamed to Fried, how much do you love Momos? Watch the video ''Indians And Momos'' and tell us. Now find all ...
Picking Up Girl with Luxurious Car | Aashqeen
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Must Watch this Funny video where the Arab guy picks up a girl with his brand new Audi. Also Hit LIKE and Do COMMENT.
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Watch this video if you want to know how to make a 300 crore movie which ofcourse is impossible without Shahrukh, Aamir or ...
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Men will be Men ;) Must Watch and SHARE with all your Friends. Also Hit LIKE and Do COMMENT SUBSCRIBE the Channel for ...
You are Single for a Reason | Aashqeen
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If you are Single and want to know the reason behind it, then Must Watch this Video, also SHARE with all your Friends. Download ...
THE INTERVIEW : When You Meet Your EX | Aashqeen
दृश्य 8M2 साल पहले
Teri Keh ke Lunga” is exactly what you feel when your Ex pops up for the interview. Watch this video to know the mystery of what ...
Pehla Pehla Pyar... | Part-1 | Aashqeen
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Unexpected love stories are the best. Watch this offbeat love story and do comment your unexpected reactions. We would love to ...
दृश्य 321K
Kya tumne kabhi kisi se pyaar kiya? Kya tumhari wajah se us pyaar ko kill kiya? And that too because of your addiction of playing ...
The story of my successful failure | Aashqeen El | TEDxJSSATE
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Aashqeen is a content creator on TV-india and has gained a lot of popularity in recent years due to his relatable level of comedy ...
Pehla Pehla Pyar... | Part-4 | Aashqeen
दृश्य 218K
Pyar to bohot log karte hai par is Pyar ka ehsaas tumhe lockdown me zaroor hua hoga. The need of every Bachelor, Every Family, ...
Driving with Girlfriend's Parents | Aashqeen
दृश्य 2.8M2 साल पहले
Not all long drives are romantic. Especially not when your Girlfriend's parents are also accompanying you in the car. Want to know ...
INTEQAM | Chapter 13 - Best Revenge from any Girl | Aashqeen
दृश्य 667K
BHAIYA JI IS BACK! His new Inteqam is from his double faced girlfriend who prefers outer beauty over inner beauty. Watch the ...
INTEQAM | Chapter 11 - When Your Ex is Getting Married | Aashqeen
दृश्य 1.1M28 दिन पहले
LADKI APNI JAGAH aur BIRYANI APNI JAGAH! Bhaiya Ji is Back and this time he is here to take Inteqam on his Ex not only for ...
MEN WILL BE MEN | Kal Ho Naa Ho Parody | Aashqeen
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Parody of the most famous scene of Kal Ho Naa Ho where Shahrukh Khan. and Saif Ali Khan show the bond of Men will be Men.
EID IN LOCKDOWN | Eid 2020 | Aashqeen
दृश्य 375K
A very special video on Eid during Lockdown which I'm sure everyone will relate to with some funny twists. Do Watch it and Share ...
25 & STILL SINGLE | Aashqeen
दृश्य 775K
Are You Still Single? Are you tired of being rejected by every girl? Are you still looking for your soulmate? Then this video is meant ...
INTEQAM | Chapter 14 - Bhai - Behen ka Revenge | Aashqeen
दृश्य 599K
Holi 2020 is back and so is our Bhaiya ji with his Inteqam. This Holi is gonna be the special one as Bhaiya Ji is here to take ...
Aaj se Gaali Band BC | Aashqeen
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Must Watch ! Make Sure to Hit LIKE and COMMENT. SHARE this Video with your Friends and SUBSCRIBE the Channel for More ...
When you Meet your "DREAM GIRL" | Aashqeen
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Haha Every guy needs to Watch this. Do SHARE the video with all your Friends. Also Hit LIKE & Do COMMENT. Edited & Color ...
दृश्य 4M6 महीने पहले
On the occasion of Republic Day we bring you a story which revolves around an Indian Muslim and various situations he deals in ...
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Do You Smoke ? Then this Video is for you. MUST WATCH & SHARE this Video with all your Friends. Hit LIKE and Do COMMENT ...
RAMZAN IN INDIA (Eid Special) | Aashqeen
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Want to see 'behind the scenes' of Ramzan? Want to see the happiness among people celebrating Ramzan in India? Watch the ...
You Always KILL the one You LOVE | Aashqeen
दृश्य 2.2M2 साल पहले
Here is our first upload of 2018. The suspicious death of Aashqeen brings the turning point in Barkha's Life. To Find the unknown ...
Picking Up Girl with an I-Phone | Aashqeen
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Must Watch till the End ! Make Sure to Hit LIKE and COMMENT. SHARE this Video with your Friends and SUBSCRIBE the ...