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  • They say a relationship is basically how much you’re willing to tolerate the other person. The start of any relationship is all beautiful, rosy and what we call ‘the honeymoon phase’. Once time does its thing and familiarity sets in, that’s when the real relationship begins. This phase is what we call ‘the rest of your life’. In this video we focus on the stark differences between the New Couples and Couples who have been in a relationship for a few years and counting. Enjoy!
    We wish all the beautiful Couples a Happy Valentines Day and to all the Singles, enjoy your freedom while it lasts!
    Production: Do Creative Labs
    Nagma Nasser (@thatmalluchick)
    Tanviya de Girval Sapru
    Sunilino Matthew
    Neelam Issac Devavara
    Praveen Devasagayam
    Bharath M Devraj (@whoismd)
    Daniella Correya

    Poster Credits - Maryann Vincent

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    Best parts
    1) what is there?
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    I enjoy your videos.its really nice but this was a little lengthy.thats all.❤️

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    Best jokes

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