AVASTHA | Episode 04 | Web Series | Pearle Maaney | Srinish Aravind | S01E04 (English Subtitles)

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  • 24/06/2020 को प्रकाशित
  • Watch Episode 1 tv-india.com/vid/nWZm0a6lmJK4n3o/v-iy.html
    Watch Episode 2 tv-india.com/vid/qpabkrJ-p7SqvJQ/v-iy.html
    Watch Episode 3 tv-india.com/vid/m6WjkpSfrrS2nKg/v-iy.html
    *Shot with the limitations of Lockdown, with a crew of 3 people inside an apartment.

    Watch Episode 04 of AVASTHA Web Series by Sharath Davis.
    Web-Series - Avastha
    Director - Sharath Davis
    Starring - Srinish Aravind, Pearle Maaney
    Production - Pearle Productions
    Director of Photography - Robil T Paul
    Editor & Story - Pearle Maaney
    Music - Jecin George
    Asst DOP - Prince Payyammal
    Styling - Asaniya Nazrin
    Titles - Sandeep Fradian
    Design - Rahul Oz
    Special Thanks to Tia Sebastian
    Safe Gang Heros :
    Riddhi Denny
    Ryan Denny
    Jessica Sijo
    Ashwika Dileesh
    Tanya Elizabeth George
    Evan Alex
    Terrace Gang :
    Rita Lijo
    Mangala Dileesh
    Link To My Blog - blog.pearle.in/
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