How I Made a Solar Panel Using LED

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  • 17/05/2020 को प्रकाशित
  • We everyone know that LED emits light when connected to a power supply but one interesting thing is if we expose a LED in sunlight then it behaves like a solar cell, so in this video I used thousands of LED to replicate a solar panel.
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    google oscillating magnetic fields malaria. using coils of wire and a cheap function generator people can sit in a room for few hours and get treated for malaria as the 5 hertz field can disrupt the malaria parasite. i tried to get some indians interested but they all seem lazy and apathetic. the device is simple and high schools students could built it. LIKE YOU

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    Thank you bro. Finally I can use LED as a light sensor in my project.

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    Man, you should really start a solar panel manufacturing company - we don't want Chinese, and India desperately needs many

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    76% of solar panels in india come from china. The government should focus on this hidden gems so that we don't have to rely on china

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    Why does the white led produce *less* output and why does the yellow led produce *more* output ?
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    Is there any scientific explanation ?
    Science is merely not about the *final results*'s mainly about the *explanations of how a particular thing or phenomenon works to achieve that particular final result*

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