Saudi-Russia Oil Price Crash | Explained by Dhruv Rathee

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  • 20/03/2020 को प्रकाशित
  • In the past few weeks, Oil Prices have crashed from around $60 a barrel down to almost $20 a barrel. This is not only a big deal for global economy, geopolitics but also environment. Almost every country’s economy is affected by this, either positively or negatively. The big reason for this is the falling global demand and the oil price war between Russia, USA and Saudi Arabia. The three biggest producers of Oil. Saudi Arabia is a part of OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) which together control the supply of oil to regulate the price in the market. Russia did an agreement with Saudi which was popularly known as OPEC+ but the talks broke down after Russia refused to decrease the supply of oil. This will impact the US Shale Oil businesses which may go bankrupt. It is a big profit for oil importing countries like India and Japan which will save them billions of dollars.
    Special Thanks to Neelkabir for research on this video. Follow his page on Instagram for more knowledge: evolvideas
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  • Dhruv Rathee
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    0:41 Economics of Oil
    2:21 OPEC- Russia Alliance
    5:00 US-Russia Rivalry
    9:04 Impact of this Decision
    10:18 Biggest Losers and Winners
    10:57 Profit for India

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      You just explain most dificult things so simply. I never seen anyone explaining do easily like you. And dhruv you are just 2 years older than me, and you have done so many things in life. And gathered too knowledges. Aapko dekhke mujhe khudpe sharam aati hain. Even i am not independent! Can you suggest me for my problems, dhruv?

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      Sir one error... Qatar left opec last year only but in your map it was showing in opec

    • Manu Manjunath.K.R
      Manu Manjunath.K.R महीने पहले

      @Random Dude they have ready oil not shale oil...usa from long time was increasing its supply...then opec cut production...usa would increase its at 30dollors per barrels it loss for usa....

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    This is best analogy to internet market in india in 2016, when jio tried to oust other companies.

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    We should use Nature friendly resources and stop use of Oil🤬🤬👍

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    But I think you missed on an important point regarding RIL. RIL which owns reliance petroleum is the biggest oil importer of crude oil in India with 70% of the country's total import. Reliance has been bound by the government not to sell its oil in the Indian market which will demoralise the government funded oil companies (Indian oil/Hindustan petroleum). Reliance petroleum imports crude oil from mainly Gulf and refines it at its multi million refinery in Jamnagar and the finished product mainly fuels are exported to South Africa, Uganda and other countries of the African continent. I have worked nearly a year on a Reliance chartered ship. So just thought of sharing this with you.

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