How SpaceX and Boeing will get Astronauts to the ISS

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  • 22/02/2019 को प्रकाशित
  • I have all the graphics from this video up on my website if you want to digest them more! -
    We’re at a really exciting time where the number of crewed vehicles going to the international space station will go from just one to three!. The Soyuz’s 8 year monopoly for getting humans to the ISS is coming to an end.
    So today we’re going to take a deep dive on the two new spaceships that will be responsible for taking humans to and from the International Space Station from the United States. We’ll compare the Boeing Starliner riding an Atlas V rocket to SpaceX’s Crew Dragon on their Falcon 9 Rocket.
    And to see how we’ve progressed in the world of human spaceflight, we’ll also compare all these systems along side Russia’s Soyuz capsule and the United State’s retired Space Shuttle in a side by side comparison.
    We’ll look at the designs, the rockets they’ll ride, dimensions, cost, safety considerations, and any other unique features that each vehicle offers.
    Considering I’ve been up close and personal with SpaceX’s Crew Dragon Capsule, and Boeing’s Starliner, I’ve got some good insight on some of these vehicles.
    00:00 - Intro
    02:22 - Boeing Starliner
    10:15 - Dragon Capsule
    18:59 - Side By Side Comparison
    26:00 - Conclusion
    Thanks for the AWESOME renders! They TRULY made this video special!!!
    Reese Carges - @AstroReeseW
    Lionel Oullette - @ArcturusVFX
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    SpaceX: so here is the capsule
    The capsule: 👃 👁 👃 👁 👃

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    NASA: No, your capsule cant fly
    SpaceX: Why?
    NASA: Becuase it has n o s e s

  • Ali reemaaz Ahmed
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    Why didnt nasa pick blue origin blue origin and space x are the best to pick up

  • ROK
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    As we can see from this video space shuttle was an amazing amazing feat of engineering. I’m in awe whenever I even think about it.

  • robert gunkelman
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    I'm curious why Dream Chaser wasn't in the final comparison?

  • Hello Kitty Lover Man!
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    Coming back here to rewatch and add comments to my previous ones after watching your SLS-vs.-Starship show, where I said that that seemed kind of like a friendly "format war:" This seems like that too!

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    Sooo.... Is the soyuz retired?

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    Why does Elon get so much credit? He is just "Paying" NASA to have his name on the rocket....

    • Dimas Gilang Bagaskoro
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      Huh? Elon is the founder, CEO, and head engineer in SpaceX. Wht do u mean he just "paying" NASA? It's the opposite. NASA paying SpaceX to build new vehicle capable sending astronauts to ISS

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    Eww Boeing should stick to planes

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    Holy schmanke this is a good channel.

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    Where do you get your models?

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    And the winner is... Humanity

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    I’m glad to come back and see so many people commenting right after the successful dragon launch.

  • Christian Rehtorik
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    Space X creating new technologies while BOENG is putting lipstick on a 747 and calling it cutting edge.

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    What a weird looking guy. Seriously. Take a shower and change your clothes before going on camera. And stop dressing like you’re 10

  • Barrett Prather
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    How does the Dragon v2 get back, does it use its super Draco engines for the retrograde burn which would be they are multi purpose launch abort system?

  • Mauricio Martinez
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    Can we just appreciate that curtain draw at 10:55 ?

  • Rajkumar Rathinam Anbazhagan
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    19:05 lol moment, comparing space shuttle size with other capsules. 😆😆

  • TheAtom
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    SpaceX already got Astronauts to the space station with flying colors. Boeing will likely get their buts sued trying.

  • Franciszek Skoryna
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    The Crew Dragon cockpit is like J. J. Abrams Star Trek.. Also a question: What about the DreamChaser???

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  • UncompressedWAVmusic
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    Awesome video. I feel like I just watched a high speed documentary, which is perfect because I just watched the crew enter the ISS a few days ago a 1 minute video and wanted to see and find out more and you just did that. Great video and fact finding and presentation. Mission accomplished on that Mr. Everyday Astronaut.

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    If yes
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    Ones taking astronauts to space. The other is not.

  • Jacques Cardinal
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    I am betting on SpaceX. I do not trust Boeing. Let's hope my concerns about Boeing are not justified. But I am thinking Space X is more trustworthy.

  • Wycliff Studios
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    Boeing has become super corrupt and is run by accountants. The 737Max and the sub par quality standards of the 787 are the proof

  • spectre_ is_dum
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    Is that what rocket explosions are called, rapid disassembly?

  • alida flus
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    This is like "Motor Week" but with spaceships instead. Good work!

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    I found People on Mars 2004 ,designed Mars rovers 1987 as Ghostwriter for Star Trek. Catch me on TWITTER for Mars pics/People,animals,civilization.Jerry Lehane (or google Jerry Lehane Mars) People wear light clothes like us,no spacesuits,no breathing devices.Animals too ,no coverings,and such diversity and abundance.Even VIKING 1970's had LIVE visitors,so see them!

  • Paul Round
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    Boeing: 'we are more expensive because we are delivering higher quality product'. Hmmm how's that working out 🤔

    • alida flus
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      building a new one they try to cut an old one in half and stick it back together, and we all know how that’s worked out.

  • Rob Fraley
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    This was a very Very VERY good and interesting video that just Rolled Along and didn’t seem anywhere near as long as thirty minutes... Good Work on this 😎👍✅

  • James Good
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    We are gonna have space museums like the ISS is gonna soon just be one big museums were we look at our old space station and see how far we come

  • raytrevor1
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    Great video, but it might have been better to compare with Apollo instead of the Shuttle. A similar system.

    • Everyday Astronaut
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      As stated, all these vehicles are ISS vehicles 👍

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    Fireball XL5 Design, kids stuff.

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  • pattygq
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    18:31 NASA developed this emergency zipline back in the day.

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  • Luciano Delai Costa
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    Well you should say how Spacex will do that and they did in style and proved every tham skeptical wrong. Thanks to a Very Smart South African Man who started everthing.

  • Mauricio Peterlevitz
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    Amazing vídeo. Go Nasa , Go SpaceX , Go Boeing

  • Ross Wadeson
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    Brilliant commentary and information Tim. First time I've seen your work, excellent mate! You know your stuff and we really appreciated your knowledge. Tanks for sharing your interest.

  • Michael Turner
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    I didn't know a potential Starliner landing site is Dugway, UT. I'm excited as a local, but also worried that being Dugway (The new Area 51,) we'll be excluded.

  • Rod ROD
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    I hope Boeing has a better looking spacesuit...SpaceX suits look really stupid !!!

  • videodoodler
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    The Space Shuttle was just something else entirely. It still makes the basic system applied by the new capsules look old-fashioned. And it's hard to imagine the ISS having ever been built without it. I do hope we see something similar again one day.

  • Jay H
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    people dying bro wasting money 🚷

  • Robert Mecalis
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    Boeing continues to try to reinvent the wheel, Elon and crew continues to look into the future. I think everyone has seen the fiasco they pulled with their jet liner instead of just building a new one they try to cut an old one in half and stick it back together, and we all know how that’s worked out.

  • Weekee Chew
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    They added the aerodynamic skirt aka the foreskin to ensure smooth air flow.

  • William Inbody
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    Boeing hasn’t done anything. SpaceX made the engines, the rocket, the stages, the capsule, the software....Boeing is working on a capsule that hasn’t lifted one pound of payload. They don’t make a rocket, and they use Russian engines....they don’t belong being mentioned with SpaceX.

    • Razaqa Deanova
      Razaqa Deanova 28 दिन पहले

      Yeah, they can't even get a commercial plane fly correctly

    • Robert Nicholls
      Robert Nicholls महीने पहले

      Boeing is becoming a shell of themselves. Too much corruption at the top. I'm fearful they'll kill a crew trying to save money by doing stupid stuff.

  • snelpiller
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    Been going on a space shuttle binge, jesus that thing was something

  • Mr BennPulse
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    Spacex is making nasa look like a bunch of chumps lol

    • Robert Nicholls
      Robert Nicholls महीने पहले

      NASA is partnering with them; they aren't doing it by themselves. Also, it's taxpayer money paying for everything Space X is doing so, technically, it's still NASA. They're just not attempting to do it all in house. Before, much of the work was contracted out to Russia.

  • Brian De Souza
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    SpaceX Dragon makes the Boeing capsule look from the 60s

    • Keith Waites
      Keith Waites महीने पहले

      That's because basically it is (with upgraded electronics)

    • JeanLafitte
      JeanLafitte महीने पहले

      Since the Boeing Starliner's basic concept is a linear expansion of Apollo's Command Module, that's a cogent observation.

  • Carl Robinson
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    After the Boeing 737 fiasco and cost cutting /time cutting I would not trust them with space travel and reusing capsules

    • Robert Nicholls
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      @JeanLafitte They've enjoyed decades of no competition. Space X should start building commercial planes. Boeing took engineering seriously at one point.

    • JeanLafitte
      JeanLafitte महीने पहले

      Boeing always seems to have understanding Federal contractors when they miss deadlines, and lately they do that a lot.
      The KC-46 contract's milestone slips could justify a TV-india special of its own (though not on Everyday Astronaut).
      Doesn't fill me with confidence for their Starliner. Missing a refuel isn't necessarily lethal. Too many mishaps in space are.

  • DavidAWA
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    Will never happen...

  • Just Someone
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    The cockpit of the Boeing Starliner is just like Boeing’s aircraft. Complicated

    • Matthew Olivier
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      Agreed, its like they took a space shuttle cockpit and shoved it into a crew capsule. Very unimpressed with the design and a bit perplexed at how it can possibly cost more than SpaceX's equivalent, even though Boeing is using a rocket from an entirely different company.

    • The Amazing Brady C C
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      LorDawid yep

    • LorDawid
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      and spaceX is Airbus.

    • Guy without a name
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      The fact that your pfp is a plane makes me believe that you know what you're saying

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  • Tappio Lopullinen
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    The Earth is Flat. There is no "space". The Bible makes it very clear that the earth is flat and the strength of heaven curves over the earth's disk.

    • riot
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      Tappio Lopullinen there is no evidence to prove or disprove the existence of god, so let people believe what they want

    • Tappio Lopullinen
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      @Pete is never wrong The ISS does not exist because there is no rotating globe. It is misleading and ridiculous to claim that an ISS would orbit the earth at 27000km / h. Simply ridiculous!

    • Pete is never wrong
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      Top stuff! How long have you been writing for The Onion?

  • Michel Joseph Cardin
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    You wanna know how to do it from down to earth.

  • Rick Z
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    Boeing's "Fire and Rescue Team" aka FART??

  • OneShotCS YT
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    And it looks like SpaceX did it!

  • granskare
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    I recall Boeing had problems with it's jets so I think it's Starliner is garbage. Now I am more happy with Space X. NASA seems to want their old fashioned system. NASA should not insist on it's old fashion method.

  • Mike Ege
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    Tim, Awesome video! My new all-time TV-india favorite.....

  • New Notification
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    23:38 That is a gross understatement. 7 astronauts were killed:
    - *Francis R. Scobee,* Commander
    - *Michael J. Smith,* Pilot
    - *Ronald McNair,* Mission Specialist
    - *Ellison Onizuka,* Mission Specialist
    - *Judith Resnik,* Mission Specialist
    - *Gregory Jarvis,* Payload Specialist
    - *Christa McAuliffe,* Payload Specialist, Teacher
    "We will never forget them, nor the last time we saw them, this morning, as they prepared for their journey and waved goodbye and 'slipped the surly bonds of Earth' to 'touch the face of God." - John Gillespie Magee Jr.

  • nutsackmania
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    clips of a shuttle launch will ALWAYS PUT A SMILE ON MY FACE

  • Michael Brodie
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    NASA similarly used private contractors for the Apollo missions.

  • Major OMG
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    Crew Dragon Capsule is just ugly

    • Pete is never wrong
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      @Major OMG Some individuals believe inserting a small rodent into their back passage allows them to converse with the dead. I'm not sure which club is more exclusive, yours or theirs.... ;-)

    • Major OMG
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      @Pete is never wrong making it the most exclusive club on earth today and tomorrow

    • Pete is never wrong
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      You're in a club of one.

  • impsquared
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    Boeing focus on safely with the Starliner but didn't give a crap about the 737 MAX, I pick SpaceX all the way!

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    DOES anyone else find this guys' voice annoying ?

    • Razaqa Deanova
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      @Pete is never wrong 🙋🏻‍♂️

    • Pete is never wrong
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      DOES anyone else find pcat 1000's comment moronic?

    • Everyday Astronaut
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      Sorry. Not much I can do there for ya. I’m just trying my best to make educational videos 🤷‍♂️

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    I'm here because I was watching plan 9 from outer space.

  • John Ross
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    I'll I heard was s bunch of letters and numbers.

  • Brian Weber
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    Tim, WELL DONE! I thoroughly enjoyed your video, the graphics, the presentation and all the information. Although you are not in a studio per se, I do believe the video is clear, the audio is not distorted or choppy and overall, the edits and cuts are well done. Thank you!

  • Garrett Ord
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    6:42 if spending a few seconds at 15g's of acceleration can be considered "safe"

  • cobrasvt347
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    Imagine shimmying to ur seat on your back in a heavy space suit. lol might look like a beached whale 🐳

  • Josef-Peter Roemer
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    It wasn't a Russian Monopoly, it was the only way the USA could get to the space station, by paying for a ride the USA considers the enemy. So you need to pick your language a bit better.

    • Michael Keller
      Michael Keller महीने पहले

      @Pete is never wrong actually nope - NASA out"competed" ESA of creating a Crew-Vehicle launched from its Arianne 5-Rockets. There were several approaches, including "Hermes", first as normal spaceship, than as rescue-vehicle for ISS. That was when the STS was still on, and NASA said "if you build this, no european astronaut will fly with the Shuttle anymore; if you don't build Hermes, we'll let 1 (ONE) european astronaut into every mission we fly"... This "competing" continued up to Orion - ESA rethinking of creating a crew-vehicle, NASA saying "if you build the service-module, we'll assure you get ONE astronaut aboard"... (btw Hermes is now flying - as X36 in the states; ESA sold the plans, bought by USA)
      ALSO the chinese are also able to reach ISS, but somehow, it's yet again the US preventing this; chinese would have brought a new laboratory up, payed a lot of dough to be allowed doing so, bringing astronauts up, US didn't want to.'s a monopoly, yes. But one *THE USA* created by "outcompeting" (aka bullying) others out of the equation... so nothing to complain about IMHO. (bully competitors out of the race is neither "free market" nor "the wise move" - imagine Columbia. NASA new about the damages before the reentry. With Hermes as rescue-vehicle at the ISS, the crew would still be alive today (automated reentry of the shuttle "lets try it", but the crew saved by hermes)

    • Pete is never wrong
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      So, it was a Russian monopoly. His language was fine.

  • Leo Gonzalez
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    The biggest feat of the international space station was keeping the Soviets brightest minds busy instead of going to work on some unsavory projects for who knows who!

  • Bob Boberson
    Bob Boberson महीने पहले

    Pretty exciting that - basically, a start up beats a lengendary aerospace company to ISS. Well done, SpaceX. This is our future. And it's looking bright. I recall Elon Musk shedding tears when the old-guard astronauts testified in congress that privateers were a bad idea. (They would probably be angry with your Channel name too!) But regardless of your political views, Obama was right to break up NASA. It was a typical bloated government institution - and is much more valuable currently streamlined. And Musk made it happen. As he does. Excellent post, EA. Major information - well presented. My new source for up-to-date Spacehead stuff!

  • Larry Champion
    Larry Champion महीने पहले

    Watching the return of the booster to Port Canaveral was quite exciting, too.

  • Bry
    Bry महीने पहले

    I want to travel in Uranus...

  • Chris McMillen
    Chris McMillen महीने पहले +1

    21:01 everyone has the same streamline design for flight....except russia of course.

  • Dan Colavito
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  • chris prosperi
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    Crazy spacex did all that with 1 b less....

  • Wings Ofcain
    Wings Ofcain महीने पहले

    By no means am I a rocket scientists.. However it seems to me that we have not new forward. We went from capsules to shuttle back to capsule. Throughout all the years of development no one has came up what a suitable craft that can be launched into space And after completing its mission sort through the atmosphere After such event possessing the capability to be flown back to base.

  • akar abdallatyf
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    Kudos humanity say always bismiLLAH بسم الله

    • Pete is never wrong
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      We will not let you go! Let me go!
      No no no no no no no!

  • Papa Palpatine
    Papa Palpatine महीने पहले

    The shuttle was a luxury liner compared to these capsules.

    • Mad Pistol
      Mad Pistol महीने पहले

      Luxury costs money. That's the reason the Space Shuttle cost upwards of $1 billion per launch and the Falcon 9 costs a fraction of that.

    • Simon Y
      Simon Y महीने पहले +1

      A luxury liner is a good comparison, because it's an incredibly capable and impressive thing, but is also absurdly expensive and much less safe than more modern options

    FERRARA JOSEPH महीने पहले

    Russia has the most smallest rockets showing that the soyuz rocket is smaller than the shuttle is embarassing

  • Adrian Speight
    Adrian Speight महीने पहले +59

    I'm back here because I'm still thrilled that Tim is now officially friends with Elon Musk - great pre-launch interview!

  • Benoit Avril
    Benoit Avril महीने पहले

    Seriously, arguing the lame minimalist design you see on your laptop is "more sexy" is really a lack of taste. You forgot to say goodjob to roscosmos which sent your astronauts in space for 10 years, what about gratitude for godsake!

    • Pete is never wrong
      Pete is never wrong महीने पहले

      You're mixing up opinions with facts. And your opinion is just that, an opinion.

  • drdts
    drdts महीने पहले

    Its so amazing... only one year passed... and... well... its done... :D

  • Benoit Avril
    Benoit Avril महीने पहले

    Except for the promotion, and the will to look futuristic using a screen to control everything is completely dumb and very dangerous. If your screen has a problem, the whole system has a problem, this is why we still use analogic electronic. Elon has been very lucky with that choice, but clearly not wise. That might not be such a problem for a short travel, but for a station or a long time spaceship. Does he want to change the screen each time there is a problem with the screen controller? What if it's not coming from the screen but a recurring burst in voltage that destroys the screen?

  • steve Marking
    steve Marking महीने पहले

    Didn’t shuttle launch from LC39 at the cape? At 1002 you said it’s the last human launch since 1968.

    • Everyday Astronaut
      Everyday Astronaut  महीने पहले +1

      Shuttle launched from Kennedy Space Center. The last time a human launched from next door Cape Canaveral Air Force Station was way back then! Small distinction but a fun one.

  • Kelso Watsey
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    Is anyone here after watching the Starliner launch? oh wait....... ;)

  • Bob Gilchrist
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    Terrific content - thank you!

  • Roy Tan
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    do a comparison video of the space shuttle vs dragon. I would like to find out what has been improved since 2011.

  • Eliot451 Reade
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    24:43 82 million for a seat on a Soyuz? I'm surprised it's that expensive.

    • Eliot451 Reade
      Eliot451 Reade महीने पहले

      @Roy Emory Well there is competition now.

    • Roy Emory
      Roy Emory महीने पहले

      There was no competition?