Friendship Day Mashup 2020 | Tamil | Joshua Aaron ft. Ahmed Meeran | Aishwerya

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  • 29/07/2020 को प्रकाशित
  • Here’s an International Friendship day special upload compiling some chart topping friendship songs featuring Ahmed Meeran and Aishwerya Radhakrishnan! Hope you guys enjoy this! Happy Friendship Day Everyone :)
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    Instagram: joshuaaronn
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    Twitter: JoshuaaronMusic

    Programmed/Arranged/Mix and Master: Joshua Aaron
    Ahmed Meeran
    Aishwerya Radhakrishnan
    Edit: StudioJA
    Recorded at: ‘Phone recording’
    Executive Producer: Arun Shivanand
    Production: JARecords

    Song List:
    Kadhal Desam - Mustafa Mustafa
    Sakkarakatti - Taxi Taxi
    Ninaithale Inikkum - Nanbanai Partha
    Nanban - En Frienda Pola Yaru Machan
    Chennai 600028 - Natpukullae Oru
    SRIDHAR - Natpukkillai Ellai
    #Mashup #FriendshipDay
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      #ruthalkaali check it

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      Dil bechara songs Tamil dubbed

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      JA Full song of 3 min share plz

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      Anungae Sinungalama from Dev movie Dance by Stylish VISNAVA

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      Antha ponnu romba athalaya attotho paa pakuravanga 😰😰

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    There is no yuvan song

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    Ahmed meeran 👌👌

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    #ruthalkaali check it

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    Super bazz

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    Very nice 👍 good team work👌

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    For me divine relationship is Friendship... All are my lovable friends 😍

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    Aishwerya is killing by expression and other legends r just killing by voice I love them

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    Hey what about friendship anthem from Oh! My Kadavule

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    Aishu, your theatrics is getting equally better with your voice. 😍

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    Nice. JA please improve your Tamil pronunciations 👍

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    Wowww🥺🥺 what a song 🎼🎶 woww super 👌🏻 guys 😃😃 this was really very frantastic and so toucing mashup for me ohh wow and I really dedicate this mashup video 🎥 to all of my friends in our next Friendship day and woww you guys are rocking 🎸💓 semma mashup😃💃🏻👯👯👯👯💃🏻💃🏻🖤🖤

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    There's a song in endrendum punnagai movie is yele yele dosthu da...u missed bro...if u added.. my hearing might be fullfilled..y bro..I was expected it would be in list

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    Iam malayaly But your song very paverfull

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    You guys rocked 😊😊😊........

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    Wow Anna Semma mash-up Anna,,, you're one of my biggest inspiration! Love all all of your songs😍😍😍
    Luv from Malaysia

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    Nithyashree .???

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    Superb. Vera level.🔥🔥

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    Vera lvl mash up song

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    Aishweya's face changed a lot
    If u compare from Quarantine Mashup 1 to this

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    Ahmed Meeran Voice super

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    Ahmed meeran fans like here👇👇👍👍

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    Aishwariya akka u study in queen marys college ........ I saw many times at exam hall

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    Voice of ahmed meeran.....awwwww☺☺😍😍

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    Vera level bro~♥~~♥~

  • Nainika Reddy
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    I love your mashups but these days it’s just a lot of auto tune going on . Would love to hear your beautiful voices instead of a lot of autotune .

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    More than 50 times a day....

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    Man no words I have hear your mashup songs more than 100 times because line you have choose was superb and it hits our entire soul. Keep rocking

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    The lady singer is ovvvvvvvvvvver acting is biggggggggg minus to the video.

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    Mustafa luv this

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  • pradeepa krishnan
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    i love this song but my frs broken heart i miss u stlp frds

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    Aishwerya !! Your Overacting gets irritating to see the video !!! Please sing it casually !!

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    Love you guys


    I love this song

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    Waiting for the next

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    Hi aish i will be true to your heart if u allow me then...what you say...?

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    Can I download the music alone ??

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    Mustafa is the legend frienship song....

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    Sema sema

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    Chettaaa..... polich...... ishttayiii....kidukki.....

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    Bro Lily Tamil version painnuka

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    Na ahmed meeran theevira rasigai

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    Cannot wait for another one. I am so addicted to your music

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    1:06 to 1:16 Aishwarya maw maw...❤🔥

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    Once again they didnt fail to impress me😍😍❤ Hats off guys💐💐

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    A fan of these three singer's songs...
    Super combo...

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    Love it guys keep on doing ...💜

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    Love it 😍 keep more coming. God bless these talented singers.

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    Where is thalapathy kaatu kuyilu song and yele yele dosth da...

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    Bro iam from telugu state provide songs list bro 😡

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    Maybe you guys should sing in your own voice, instead of running your voice 😂 lamos !!

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    Mukkiyamana song vittutenga priyamaana thozhi la kaatre poongaatre song🚶‍♀️ mathapadi mashup 👌🏻👌🏻

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    Intha aiswarya pulla overa ha react pannuthu atha korachuko pa

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    Awesome mashup!!

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    Wow .....

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    Natpukule oru Pirivingu Vanthathu Aww Lyrics 🥰🥰🥰🥰 U1 Mashup la Kettadhu After that Now...

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    Joshua when you come live for questions answer?

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    How much people's are leaving online class and coming here like me I am leaving my online class for seeing this

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    Mash up is🔥🔥🔥🔥lots of love from Andhra pradesh a big fan of Joshua Aaron

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    Happy friendship to you all guyz.......awesome video......expressions nd voice vere level bruhhhhh

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    அருமை 😍😍😍

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    If possible please support to my small channel dear friends:)Stay safe and Takecare

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    Over Aishwarya

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    I love these mashup songs.these r soo nice though I dnt understand the language at all but music is soo nice.

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    Hey sema

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    Could have included song from “endrendrum punnaghai “ yela yela dosthu da.... .it is a nice song

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    Eppa antha ponnu acting thanga mudiyala... Avlo irritating ah eruku...please try to avoid these kind of unnecessary expressions. As usual her voice is so sweet❤

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    Fake friend😠😠😠😠😠😠😠 I miss my friend 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

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    Friendship day history

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