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  • 1/06/2020 को प्रकाशित
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    Ishqiya | The Story Of Love, Trust & Betrayal
    Not everyone gets to live with the person they love. Most people end up marrying someone else or no one at all, for that matter. However, only a few succeed to start living with their loved ones. Ishqiya is the story of two people madly in love with each other, but could not end up together.
    Ramsha Khan as Hamna is a soft-hearted and loving girl who sacrifices her love to uphold her father’s will.
    Hania Amir as Roomi is Hamna’s younger sister. She is a simple and straight forward girl who enjoys life to the fullest.
    Feroz Khan as Hamza is a very sensitive young man who very passionately loves Hamna but destiny comes to play.
    Hamna and Hamza are college friends, deeply and madly in love with each other. Hamna is waiting for the right time to disclose this news to her family, while her father (Siddiqui Sahib) is looking for a good match for her elsewhere. One of his close friends, Kashif gives Hamna’s proposal for his son Azeem. Upon her ailing father’s request, Hamna had to sacrifice her love and marries Azeem. Now Hamza feels betrayed and eager to take revenge.
    Hamna and Hamza ‘s love story comes to an end, as she obeys her father’s wish and marries someone else.
    Gohar Rasheed as Azeem is a simple and devoted husband. Supports his wife after coming to know her past as well.
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    Azeem and Hamna start a new life and despite constant blackmailing from Hamza.
    Roomi is very happy to marry Hamza. She is not aware that she is being victimized for her sister’s revenge.
    Shabbir Jan as Mr. Siddiqui and Kanza Malik as Mrs. Siddiqui are the parents of Hamna and Roomi.
    Khalid Anum as Khalid and Seemi Pasha as Saman are the parents of Hamza. They are ready to do anything for their only son’s happiness.
    Zahid Qureshi as Kashif and Nabeela Haq as Mrs. Kashif are the parents of Azeem.
    Kashif is an old friend of Hamna’s father due to which they win Hamna’s hand for their son Azeem.
    Written By: Mohsin Ali Shah
    Directed By: Badar Mehmood
    Feroz Khan
    Ramsha Khan
    Hania Aamir
    Gohar Rasheed
    Shabbir Jan
    Khalid Anum
    Seemi Pasha
    Maha Hasan
    Kinza Malik
    Zahid Qureshi
    Nabeela Haq
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    Taki and shifa,(mahe tamam)humza and ujala,hayat and zaki ,(yeh raha dil) kashaf and zaroom in couples k liye men baar baar drama dekh sakti hun jaldi bore hojaty hen.or adha hi chordena.humza or ujala men han adha chor diya lekin couple pasand tha.or ab hamna and humza.

  • Khushi Raizada
    Khushi Raizada महीने पहले

    May be the most unpopular opinion, but I feel if the drama is about true love then Hamna and Hamza should have happy ending. Or else the message is that love and romance is nothing until its bounded by marriage and I am completely okay with that. I think its proving that marriage is magic that creates loves between two people and that's what true love is

  • Umer Shaha
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    Maryam Yousuf महीने पहले

    Feels sad to see that this might be feroz khan's last drama,as he left the entertainment industry.

  • sunita katwal
    sunita katwal महीने पहले +5

    I love this drama. I like Hamza and Hamna😍

  • Sanchi Sarkar
    Sanchi Sarkar महीने पहले +1

    Isn't feroz khan leave industry ? Anyone please clarify

    • Sanchi Sarkar
      Sanchi Sarkar महीने पहले

      @H WI'm literally shocked.. he is one of the best actor I hv ever seen... gonna miss him lot😥

    • H W
      H W महीने पहले

      These are pre recorded shows another one khuda aur muhabbat also recorded after that he announced to quit.

  • Zaidnaveed khan
    Zaidnaveed khan महीने पहले

    now its getting more suspense and thrill love you hania

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  • Asfandyar Khan
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  • Mariyam Majeed
    Mariyam Majeed महीने पहले +22

    All those who are lashing out at humna and saying that she doesnt know how to act then go and watch her drama khudparast. And its just that its her character like this quiet girl in this drama.. and if she hadnt kept quiet then you guys would not be able to watch this story and get to see all rumi and humza scenes. Its fiction and everybody has to portray their character in a same manner what their director says. So stop questioning why she didnt speak.. peace

    • arissa x
      arissa x महीने पहले

      @eraj fatima I am watching it for ramsha and feroze❤️❤️💯💯🔥🔥

    • eraj fatima
      eraj fatima महीने पहले +2

      I am only watching this drama for ramsha khan I love her so much

    • Yamuna C
      Yamuna C महीने पहले +2

      I too love humna hamza ❤️oly, nd I hate rumi hamza scenes.

    • Asada Asada
      Asada Asada महीने पहले +2

      Also ... me who love Hamna ....

    • arissa x
      arissa x महीने पहले +5

      Thank u for saying this 🙏❤️ I thought I was the only one here who loved hamna,and who feels sorry for her❤️

  • Ali Akbar
    Ali Akbar महीने पहले

    To hamza,
    Bara pachtao ge.. Bara pachtao ge! 😂😬

  • RUQIA zardad
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  • A V
    A V महीने पहले

    Possibility banana humara kaam hai, director Sahab Ignore I AM FOOL

  • A V
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  • A V
    A V महीने पहले

    Agar es serial me Wasim KO sach pta chalta hai aur romi KO pta chalta hai Anza ke past ke bare mein aur amja se sab nafrat karte hai aur Amza KO ehsas hota hai apni Galti ka

  • Aafreen Khatoon
    Aafreen Khatoon महीने पहले

    Full ep kb ae ga koi btao plz maine aj hi dekha h bohot acha h drama

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    Maloy Sardar महीने पहले

    How many episodes are in this show?

  • Shoaib Saleem
    Shoaib Saleem महीने पहले

    My current favorite drama is ishqiya..

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    Kab aata h yar koi batayega please

  • Maya Khan
    Maya Khan महीने पहले

    Kb aye gi..Monday

  • Umme Kulsum
    Umme Kulsum महीने पहले +1

    Please Iss Ishqiya drama ko khatan mat karna please 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾...
    I love this drama....

  • saba naseem
    saba naseem महीने पहले

    So nice drama

  • Mamta Sinha
    Mamta Sinha महीने पहले

    When next episode will upload?

  • madhuri thakur
    madhuri thakur महीने पहले

    pakistaani draama is lye ache hote h kyuki ek to ye fmly k sath dhek skte hain..or dusri inke india seriylo ki trha saas bhu or ek baar marke dobra zinda hona 😀 ki trha ghisi pitti story nhi hoti is lye i love pakistani draama♥

  • Pooja Singh802116
    Pooja Singh802116 महीने पहले

    Yr ye story same meri h..Mera ex mujhe aise hi toucher kr rha use sb ku6 btao agr to fir v tumhara h to mohbbt Ka dawa krna..😭😭😭😭

  • Sarim khan
    Sarim khan महीने पहले

    I want hamna abi thori ur dair tak stand na ly ku ka behad maza a rha ha hamza jis trha torture krta ha usy us ma bht maza ata ha hamna ny bta dia to wo mza khtm ho jana ha.😉

  • Golden Entertainment vlogger
    Golden Entertainment vlogger महीने पहले

    I love feroz khan

  • seeNu YT
    seeNu YT महीने पहले

    Ye Pakistani dramy fazool hn

    • aymma x
      aymma x महीने पहले

      don’t watch it then

  • Samreen Ghulam Rasool
    Samreen Ghulam Rasool महीने पहले

    To be honest, I am watching this drama only because hania is in this drama, but they just used hania for click baits aside from this Hania always gets so little screen time her cheerful personality in this drama gives energy but they always show ramsha's sad face

  • Mariyam Omar
    Mariyam Omar महीने पहले

  • Paras Siddiqui
    Paras Siddiqui महीने पहले

    Is pore drame me sirf Asim azhar k chekhne ki awaz bht ati hai

  • Reality channel
    Reality channel महीने पहले

    Aur wait nahi horaha h like kare plz mae sahi krh rahi hu na

  • Reality channel
    Reality channel महीने पहले

    O bhai 19 episode jaldi se upload kardo yaar

  • beinG creAtivE
    beinG creAtivE महीने पहले

    When episode will upload

  • Abdullah yt
    Abdullah yt महीने पहले

    3,4 dafa lazmi dekhna perta promo,good editing and suspense

  • Sharjeel Wani
    Sharjeel Wani महीने पहले

    In short jitna muje samjh aya ye story humna pe based hai. Inko dikhana hai ki dekho ji humna kitni
    bahadur hai and that hamza galat ki wo hai but humna bhi kuch kam nahi. Humna ne bhi bohat galat kiya...but they are not potraying that. So I am done with this story now. Only watching it bcz of Feroze Khan.

  • Sunita Kumari
    Sunita Kumari महीने पहले

    Next episode kab aye ga??? Episode 19

  • Sunita Kumari
    Sunita Kumari महीने पहले

    I love this Pakistan dreams Ishqiya 😍😊😊