Gaurav Wadhwa Talks About Mohena Kumari Health After Being Covid 19 Positive

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  • 2/06/2020 को प्रकाशित
  • Check-Out Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Actor Gaurav Wadhwa's Who Gave Message To All The Mohena Lovers, Where He shares A positive message about her health. Where Gaurav Added By saying that he is in touch with her and Will keep supporting her in her current situation and by God's Grace she will recover soon.Watch TellyMasala's Exclusive Video.
    Reporter & Editor: Snehil Yadav
    #GauravWadhwa #MohenaKumari #TellyMasala
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  • मनोरंजनमनोरंजन

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    I hoop mohina feel good now

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    I hate your voice 😡

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    I really really really really want that mohena get well soon and the rimorav also get friends again .
    Pray for mohena and rimorav 's friendship
    For prayer hit like

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    Who are vamily of ri vlogs , rav vlogs, and mo vlogs?
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    I dont want them together again with rimorav

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    Anyone here a part of Vamily

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    Rimorav is back


    Anyone here a part of vam

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    Everyone who wants the recovery of mohena please like

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    Get well soon mohena 😊😊

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    Anyone who are here from vamily😔

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    I think there are a little chances of their reunion. What say?

  • Tejal Patil
    Tejal Patil महीने पहले +3

    Rishi didn't msg her Or call her personally...looks like formality only for social media fans.. Get well soon mo❤

  • Entertainment video for you.
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    Risi frnd ki nam par dhapa hai .asi dost kisiko na mile

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    Mohina di is very strong girl

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    Hope rimorav come back 😌 fingers crossed

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    Hope she will get well soon 😢💔

  • Dhshhd Hdhd
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    afghanistan main corona ka elag hai kandahar main sirf 3 bond chai main crona ko bola bye bye

  • amit sharma
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    mogena os a strong girl she will defienately recover I will pray

  • vidhi chouhan
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    jo hota h acche ke liye hota h shayad mo ki is haalat ke karan shayad rimorav ek ho jaye and we know mo is a fighter she will fight..!! and her family will also fight ..!

  • Maithri P
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    I will pray for you and for your family and for other corona positive people get well soon Mohena

  • Ayesha Waseem
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    Did ri actually messaged mohena

  • Kala Ganta
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    Mohena di will get well soon she is always positive..

  • Asma Khazi
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    Get well soon mona God bless u

  • Smriti agarwal
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    May Mohena recover soon and Rimorav unite again

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    I am soo emiontal

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    Guys hmne bhi kuch din phle hi apna new TV-india channel start kiya h so plz guys support me...thoda sa pyar hame bhi dijiye hamari profile pe click karke hamare channel ko ek bar dekhiyega jarur plz or agar achha lage to plz subscribe to my channel plz guys plz 🙏🙏

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    Hopefully moneha recover fast she is a strong girl even her family strong pray that moneha recovers fast😢

  • Nasir Arzoo
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    We are going to pray for her I am sure she is going to be fine 😞😢

  • vishal bora
    vishal bora महीने पहले +1

    Anyone fan of rimorav♥️ mohena don't worry we all are there with you

  • Taherabanu Taherabanu
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    💞❣Mohena di..S vr praying🙏 fr u & ur fmly to get recovery soon.🌹

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    Plzz bless for mohena

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    Yea she is fine😢😢😢

  • ARWA mariya
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    Yea she is fine😢😢😢

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    Rimorav 😭❤❤❤

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    Mohema we will pray for you

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    Sub to Rimorav vlogs

  • tua chakraborty
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    Oh no mohina your covind 19 is very danger plz come fast

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    Please RIMORAV come back we are missing you so much💗😥😥

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    Hua karta tha 👹👹👺👺kuch bhi vo infinite times rahega saath mein

  • sarita arora
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    🙏🙏🙏🙏pls god keep our mo health good

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    Vamily?? Anyone

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    Please God 🙏 save mohena

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    Mohena Di get well soon

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  • Fadila Faiza
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    Sachi dosti mein jagra toh hota e hai paar woh tut nahi jata sammaz jao guys please we miss you not for us but at least apne liy because even you three are alone with out each other

  • Nidhiy Patel
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    May mohena be recover fast get well soon mo love you hit like for mo🙏🙏🙏

  • Sharmila parichha
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    Vamily is always with you guys

  • anjali solanki
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    Get well soon. Fingers crossed🤞🤞

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    I wish she will be well soon

  • Samraddhi Jain
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    May mohena get well soon not only her every covid 19 patient should recover fast so that over country recover soon as every citizen is a great contribution to our country

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    All vamily hit like

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    jldi thik ho jao mohinaa💟💟

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    KyA rimorav sath aa sakta ha

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  • the Challenger boy
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    Ya Allah Mohini didi ka jaldi jaldi se theek

  • Sanchita Gupta
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    Why mohena and gaurav left rimorav ?
    What happened between them?
    We want answer....
    Those who wants it's☝️answer just hit like

    COZY CAT महीने पहले

    Can't believe ki Rishi ne aisa likha 😁 I hope ki Inka yeh pyaara sa group reunite ho jaye

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    please Rimorav come back plz yarr plz plz vemily ki taraf se rimorav ko most request h plz aap ke vlog ko or aap ko him bahut miss karte h or kabhi bhul nahi sakte plz

  • Subhan Imran
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    Rimorav plz came back

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    Rimorav vlogs imiss you i miss you sooooooooooooooooooo much ipray you better sooon

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    Rimorav hmesha sath h 💖💖💖rishi ki prayers,gauri ki post or mohena di ka pyaar is covid 19 ko yhi btata h ki rimorav ka dil ek h 💗💗💗vlogs mai chahe alag ho pr dilo mai sath hona jarori h .
    or agar rimorav ka dil ek h toh mo ko kuch ho hi nhi sakta kyu ki dil ka ek tukda khtm nhi ho sakta .
    Lot's of love and prayer from your vamily !!!!!!!!

  • Sushy Roy
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    OMG mohena di ko corona hua he pls koi batadoo pls
    Frm Darshana

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    Get well soon mohena
    Wishes for mohena
    How want hit like

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    If they will be together i will be very happy.. !! mo we love u very much recover early ... love you

  • Winnie Studies
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    This is my favorate serial i am watching since 2012❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    😥😥RI is so kind hearted person abhi bhi kiya morav ka attitude dekhainga

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    Kaash remorav phir Sy ak hoajien

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    I want ki rimorav ek ho lekin dikisha and sanjay bhi hone chahiye uspe

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    Mohina update

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    Get well soon Mo!!! We luvv uhh 💖💖

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    Get well soon.. Bhagwan Ji bless her and her Family🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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    I want rimorav back.

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    Get well soon mohena dii💗

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    Get well soon mohena di 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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    Love u rimorav...... get well soon mooooo

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    I hope mohena get well soon
    And rimorav presents ri vlogs will be rimorav vlogs again
    Love you soooooooo much
    Get well soon mo
    Lots of love and duas

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    Gaurav waise bhi mohena k sath hi hai

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    Ahhh......get well soon

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    Pray for speedy recovery

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    I want rimorav back but,,, i dont think that rimorav will back ..

  • Cook with Akshu
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    Mohena is a strong girl and she will definitely recover soon😀😀

  • Cook with Akshu
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    Guys woh kehte hain na ki jo hota hai acche ke liye hota hai I know mohena is ill but it might happen that ri vlogs will become rimorav again 😀😀😀mo get well soon and vamily pray for her family and rimorav 😁😁😁

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    Get well soon dear

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    God please help us

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    Get well soon

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    May she get well soon and rimorav reunite

  • Ashish Chamolihh hi
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    May God bless you mo and get well soon .... Waiting for mo Ka tadka on your channel ... Get well soon

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    Omg kiski najar lag gyi hai vamily ko

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    I hope she gets well soon

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    You are here for 1:53
    Thank me later

  • Af very very good stories Butt
    Af very very good stories Butt महीने पहले +1

    My allah help her