Christina Koch Returns From Longest Ever Female Spaceflight

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  • 6/02/2020 को प्रकाशित
    A new record for the longest single space mission ever undertaken by a woman was triumphantly set earlier today (Thursday, 6 February), when NASA’s Christina Koch returned safely to Earth aboard Soyuz MS-13, a few weeks shy of a full year since she left Earth for her off-planet home on the International Space Station (ISS).
    Flying shoulder-to-shoulder with seasoned Russian cosmonaut Aleksandr Skvortsov and Italy’s most experienced astronaut Luca Parmitano, Koch touched down near Dzhezkazgan in Kazakhstan at 3:12 p.m. local time (4:12 a.m. EST) to complete a voyage of 328 days, in which she orbited Earth 5,248 times, a journey of 139 million miles, roughly the equivalent of 291 trips to the Moon and back.
    Footage credit: NASA
    Edits by AmericaSpace
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    Wonder Woman

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    8:42 - 19:32

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    Nothing will ever drop 😂nithrr they have to pick it up😭

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    Billions and billions in Taxes and the thing they enjoy the most in Space is playing karaoke....... And people still believe this gigantic fake hahahahaha

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    This is ridiculous. The ISS is said to be the size of a football field. Imagine how hard it is to build on earth and it is impossible to build in “space”. Is a space-launched building supplies for the construction of the ISS. Ridiculous, simply ridiculous! No one fully sane will believe this ISS fairy tale.
    The earth is flat. There is no "space". The ISS does not exist. The Bible makes it very clear that the earth is flat and the strength of heaven curves over the earth's disk.

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      @Seyma Jep, jep, the earth is flat. There is no "space".

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    Why are you lying?

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    Another story nothing exciting

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    This is how they control the world smh y’all so lost to what’s really going on

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    I wanna know how awful dealing with your cycle is in space.
    I personally feel that I would die lol

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    I feel like this is how body dismorphia would start lol

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    Imagine how heavy their bodies felt when they landed...

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    these not everyday things will always fascinat me:i will never see the inside of a spaceship or float in space or see an elephant in the wild or be weightless....

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    First i read SPACE FIGHT.....swear i dont watch movies.

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    A powerful woman and definitely a great role model!

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    Anyone else watching this after the launch today of space X in Florida, USA

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    That lady cleaning hand and forehead is actually collecting samples!! Of what guess??

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      I like how astronauts are so humble and well mannered 👆🏻

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    May be there will be equality in space

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    Just watching them, my legs loose gravity.

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    Why is that lady cleaning their hands??

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    Lost of muscle gainzzz

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    2 MEN flew on SpaceX, a man's company.

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    her name sounds so german

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    Launch of Space X

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    We even have different records for a woman being able to stay in space. Yet they’re “equal” while they can’t compete with what men accomplish in virtually anything 😂

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    From zero gravity then coming back to earth. It makes me wonder how they felt. I think they felt so heavy for themselves at that moment

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    We are on astroo mooodddd, after watching crew dragon space x true?

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    BRUH, that moment went Americans can't even pronounce their own last name...

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    I watched this after seeing Doug and bob going up. I am wondering how people (like me) will experience if they reach Space as a commercial flight😍

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    Now! She should be on the cover of TIME magazine. I'd buy that issue. GOD Speed Christina.

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    The dislikes are from The Grey Alien Collective.

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    I like how astronauts are so humble and well mannered 👆🏻

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    So Amazing

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    Wait, they launch them mail? Or I assume just send it when they launch supplies

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      Yes the mail and other stuff comes with the station resupply

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    Our star parents must watch this with pride. Like seeing your children walking and getting along together.

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    Do you notice all the people are either white or asian. We need to go it alone.

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    This video is a perfect example of why you should stop reproducing.

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    Hair spray in space ... I love the future !!!!!

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    Laeve it up to the clear frame glasses hipster instagram astronaut to block me on twitter from the ISS. yes this happened lol. I was just asking what she was actually doing up there. didnt seem like she was doing much but instagramming tbh

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    i genuinely wonder if the astronauts themselves are somehow being tricked into thinking they are in space or somehow being tricked to think they have been to space.
    either way, they are full of shit and are lying to everyone. the heliocentric model is founded on a religion to keep the masses from questioning where they live.
    i know that because the substance known as water tells me that. specifically, the behavior of water shows me that. it can not conform to the exterior of shapes and objects. it does not have the structural strength to maintain a constant bend upon the surface. based upon that simple, provable and undeniable everyday fact, i know that the earth is not a globe.

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    Ladies, _this_ is a role model. Not made-up CGI action heroes.

    • nelis 1846
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      @Kellogg's Flakes do you have any idea what you get into with that kind of language? probably not.
      but let's see: you claim i am an idiot. instead of just shouting insults, maybe you should practically demonstrate your claim.
      now dance, sheep

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      @nelis 1846 You are a idiot, prove me wrong.

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      oh the irony there. where does this so-called "role model" go to? a CGI environment. the joke is on you now

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    So earth is not flat?

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      depends on what you mean by "flat". it is certainly not a globe. here is why: water can not conform to the outside of objects.

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    Christina Cook. Camera technology from 1995.

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    0:06 This do be an Astronaut MOMENT

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    These astronauts are accomplished pilots, scientists, engineers, geniuses...yet they seem SO humble, down to earth and thankful. They radiate JOY!

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    Fantastic video, thank You ; -)

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    people call the station is international
    but without CHINA

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    OMG, Does any one think that she looks like Amy from TBBT?

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    Ive watched countless hours of footage of the iss over the last 2 years and this is the first time ive ever seen this woman. I definately would have remembered her face. Weird.

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    they wasting thier time on that station, they need to go to jupiters moon right now!

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    YUHHH rockclimbers🔥🔥🔥🔥🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

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    would like to remind that longest ever male spaceflight was longer!!!

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    So many fake people in the comments wtf

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    Me relizing its not february

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    I'd like to use some Astroglide on that Astronaut.

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    Here is where you need to spend your millions of dollars:

    • nelis 1846
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      i am afraid that pouring money into a broken system is not going to benefit those people enough. this world is broken to the very core.

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    Just came here to ask why does it matter if shes female?

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    yes, the majority of newer viewers are all watching because of the recent space x launch so stop asking on every space related video!

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    I thought she was Joji for a second there

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    OOOooooo a female finally went into space. Ok what about the males? Why does the title need to be "longest female" and not just "longest time a person has stayed in space". What a racist video

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      i understand your point of view but a gender is not a race.

    • Fill Berguson
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      @DEBU SINHA Well this female is white, of course it gets all over the news, racist mofos. Why does it even matter if its a man or a woman that returns from space, huh? The last person said this to me "its because they want to inspire other women to do this", That is sexist.

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      dude do you even know what racist means? May be you meant to say sexist and apparently you dont know what that means either .Cuz How can anyone think this video is even slightly sexist in any shape or form ?

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    The letter from the husband i saw the boat and start crying thats so smart and cute
    shes like Columbus for the humanity

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    Women in space is outrageous.. she's not even covered up.. this is against the teachings of Allah.

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    she came to corona virus

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    американская срань...

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    7:25 Earth is not flat hehe

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      wow. so much intellectual honesty here.... "why do you believe that the earth is supposedly a globe?"...... "uh...... pictures on a screen".

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    Space crews are now chosen on the basis of Political Correctness...

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    how much space sex did you have?

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    Absolutely terrible music.

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    Why is it never mentioned that our President, Obama, asked American Astronauts to hitch a ride to space from the Russians? This seems intolerable to me and shows a real disregard for American honor and pride. Glad Space X is now supplying American flights to space again. Not sure Obama understands American excellence.

    • Samiam 666
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      David Howard
      "not sure Obama understands American excellence"
      That's about the dumbest comment I've ever heard. You're a prime example of the Dunning-Kruger effect. You have NO IDEA about anything regarding the space program, yet you made a blatantly stupid political statement. Bravo.

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    they should do one of *add name here* Returns From Longest Ever Male Spaceflight

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    i thought women wanted to be treated equally? different but same same

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    После просмотра пуска ракеты SpaceX Илона Маска ютуб начал рекомендовать все космические истории и полеты)

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    that’s gonna be me one day

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      you go! i want to be astronaut too. we can do it :D

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    so what?

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    flat earthers: 'aight imma pretend this video doesnt exist'

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    And she's hot.

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    And here I am, drooling over T H I C C anime MILFs while this lady is making history...

    • angela
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      why is this so fucking funny to me

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    The spaceflight is messy compared to SpaceX one

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    is she a descendent of Robert Koch?

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    Stop lying!!! She is not the first there!!! Make your homework asshole.

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    I wonder who was fucking who

    THE GLOBAL VILLAGE महीने पहले


  • Fanny Garcia
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    Imagine how heavy their bodies felt when they landed...

    • Giselle Rivera
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      @Naboolio this is true. if u stay in a pool too long, u will feel ur body weight as soon as u get out and even sort of feel the waves of the water haha

    • Lil X
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      climb a big a mountain for a while than come back down after going uphill for a long time, you will fall thats how heavy you feel

    • Good4You
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      I just imagined this yes wow soooo heavy very much:)

    • veronikah K
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      since they are scientists they calculate that ahead but i can imagine it feels twice the weight dead weight.

    • Elizabeth Mayer
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      They have make small movements because you mess up your spine. It needs to settle so to speak.

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    I love it when they say *On Earth*

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    Struggling for the United States is also for the power of democracy and freedom,God bless America!

  • Poppy Weller
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    Awesome, but why is it a "female" spaceflight?
    I'm male, but to me she is an astronaut and an incredible individual.
    In feminism and identity politics she's just a female, a symbol, part of symbol-politics.
    I don't care if she's MALE or FEMALE. I care who she IS and whats she DOES.
    Stop pushing this damn dividing political crap in everything!

    • angela
      angela 22 दिन पहले

      @Poppy Weller don't know how you got all that from my comment, but ok. keep crying about it i guess

    • Poppy Weller
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      @angela I don't need to, I can talk about it. We can accept a humane intelligent society were everyone is equal or we can adopt your form of idiocracy and identity politics. Then, ultimately, YOU will cry.
      But you don't know that because you don't undertand history repeats itself. You proudly flaunt your idiocy like it's a strength.
      Notice how you can't even come up with a retort? You never can. You're just dumb. :'}

    • angela
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      lol cry about it

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    You are really great 😺😺😺😺

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    Didn't she fucked up and brought radioactive material into the space station?

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    I love her omg inspired to be a Astro engineer wow I wanna do it

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    America thanks you Russia for all the lifts. But Elon's taking it from here.

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    I used to be scared of space because it’s all black and I just feel like something can go wrong but now that I think about it looks really cool

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    Great acting, you could have been a great actress...wait..but you are!

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    Just look at the spacesuit back then, and that of SpaceX now. Giant leap for mankind!

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    10:50 any idea what that thing is flying behind the return capsule?! Looked like a huge tad pole at first... A helicopter? Something else? 🤔 Edit: ah they explain it around 11:55

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    wouldnt it be cooler if she was the 1st woman to give birth in space?