2 MINUTE MAGGI NOODLES CHALLENGE | Maggi Noodles Making Challenge | Viwa Food World

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    Hello friends..! In this video me and my brother are going to do 2 Minute Maggi Noodles Challenge. In our upcoming vlogs we are gonna do lots of different food challenges and it will be the real fun to watch. So, stay connected to watch awesome food eating challenges and many more. If you like this Funny Video then hit that Like button and do share this video and don't forget to subscribe to our channel.
    2 MINUTE MAGGI NOODLES CHALLENGE | Maggi Noodles Making Challenge | Viwa Food World
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    Come Here And Easy Win! Stop Waste Your Time On Quarantine 👉🏻 bit.ly/3dfcU8e

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      Bhaiya, pls aap iss quarantine mai bahut video banaiye taaki hum sab iska maja le sake.

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      Superstar Bhai aap

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      Pani ukadine ano masalo nakhin nd Maggie nakhin daknu dhak pahi 2 min thava de bani jase kadach 😂

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      Tomorrow kar dikhao tum kahan per Rahte Ho

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    New video kab aayega foodie gamer par

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    Aap dono ko koi wedding main nahi bulata hoga kyu ke puri barat ka Khanna akele hi kha jaate honge 😂😂

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    #vivafoodworld aapke videos itne let Kyu upload karte ho bhai ab late video daloge to aapki fan following he jo aap se pyaar karte he vo dekhna badh kardenge Bhai #vishva

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    Guys...ye COVID-19 k baad aap Bahubali Thali, Modiji Thali, Ravan Thali, please try karo...most pleased to see you in Pune

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    Abe chuityo itta kamate hoto fir ek ac lelo🤦

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    Kis kis ke muh m video dekhte dekhte pani aa gya 😋😋😋😋

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    Hello Akash and Vishwa
    I eagerly wait for your videos every Sunday and Wednesday. You brothers are amazing and even your mom who prepares such delicious dishes for you

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    Hii King
    Viwa food
    Hii my name is Rushi
    I like you viode

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    Bhai aap kaha se ho ???

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    hello vishawa and akash wery best video

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    I also have a channel

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    Vishva and Aakash you both are very stylish and very next video please make a soft drink challenge part 2 to you both are the best youtuber

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    Aakash aap ki videos aachi hoti hai......... Vishwa and aakash are best.........

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    Mggi banani nahi atti he sikh

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    Good work bro 👍

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    Horror challenge

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    AV Vectors have roast you I have dislike him

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    In every yt video I open it is about Quarantine,,,,, bruh it's boring 💤

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    Maggi can be done in 2 min if there's double the heat from gas cooker if you know what I mean!

  • Azmeena mandre
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    Aap Oreo mug cake bhi try Kar skte ho plz

    Bas ek Chota Oreo Ka packet mug m daalo phir crush kro or Thora sa milk or 60sec k liye bake kro try kro plz or Mera bhi Kabhi comment par liya kro brothers

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    Best Brothers ever seen in the world they are funny and also care about the world!!Love you both!!!

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    Sahi mai
    Packet mai esai hi 2 min likhte hai

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    New fan

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    Maggie:i can be prepared in about 2min.
    Viwa:our video is done in about 15min though😂😂

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    Great luv from nepal💟

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    Hello Brothers......... I Have A Request Front Of You ........... What Is The Paytm Wallet ?............. Please Tell Me ....... Pleaseeeeeeee

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    11:13 🤣🤣

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    Why the f u guys can only make maggi
    And ur mom can make
    1- cheese maggi pakora
    And 9999999999999999 more with maggi

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    Thanks .
    My name is shahvaan
    Thank you so much for your funny
    From Ludhiana......