Virus scenario - The current situation | Jump cuts (with Eng-subs)

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  • 24/03/2020 को प्रकाशित
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    Hope you all are safe out there, Please try to be at home. Dont panic and have a great time with your family. Watch the video till end as post credit scene is added 🔥❤️. #stayhomestaysafe

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      OK bro I know your feelings . Thank you you also stay home safe 😷😷

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    10th public video panunga bro

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    Hi Hari Anna I'm very big fan of you u can do video about hand wash scenario I hope you will do this post next video soon

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    You are a good comedian😃😃😃

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    Dude you also take care

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    Who noticed the Boogey man reference in 5:08

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    I want to see your home tour

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    Thanni la fish irku, fish la thanni irku thanni la corona virus irku LoL 😂🤣

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    Anna please do viodes in home

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    same laptop hp pavilion 15 i also having same

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    vunga acting vera level bro😘

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    6.44 tha ulti verum look than tha mersal ah irukku

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    That hand wash scene was so hilarious 😂

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    Anna ending maass na👌😂😂

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    யோவ் போயா சிரிச்சு சிரிச்சு வயிறு வலிகிது யா

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    யோவ் பாஸ் உனக்கு சிக்கிரம் உனக்கு டிப்ராசன் வந்திரா போகுது யா இவ்வளவு கேரக்டர் பண்ணிட்டு எல்லாரையும் சந்தோஷா படித்திட்டு உனக்கு டிப்ராஷன் வந்து தொலைக்க போகுது யா

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    In 2020, Children like me had hope to see flying cars but still we are learning how to wash our hands. See my video I demonstrated why use soap for washing your hand

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    The handwash scenario is exactly same at my house too

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